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Dr. Virgil Swann was created for the TV Series "Smallville" and was played by the actor Christopher Reeve who played also Superman in Superman, Superman II, Superman III and Superman IV: The Quest For Peace. After the death of Christopher Reeve, the character of Dr. Virgil Swann also died.

Smallville Season Eleven

It is revealed, that Dr. Virgil Swann is the founder of the S.T.A.R. Labs (Swann Technology and Research).

Other Media

Smallville (TV Series)

Christopher Reeve as Virgil Swann

Virgil Swann appeared in two episodes between Season two and Season three. He was played by the actor Christopher Reeve. He was later mentioned many timew during the series.

Virgil Swann was a brilliant scientist dedicated to communicating with other planets. He was also a founding member of "Veritas" - including Lionel Luthor, Robert Queen, Edward Teague and his wife Genevieve Teague. The group was formed after Virgil received messages from another planet.

He became a close friend to Clark Kent (later known as Superman) and died a little bit later.

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