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Viras is a monster from a distant star called Viras. He came to earth in an space ship that looks like a bee. He took over the bodies of some humans and made them do what he wanted. Viras wanted to take over earth but had one very large problem the heroic giant turtle monster Gamera. Viras sent a scout ship to earth but Gamera easily stopped it before it even entered the atmosphere. Viras watched Gamera's activity from a distance learning of his strengths and weaknesses (by watching stock footage from old Gamera movies) and concluded his only weakness was his love for children. Viras then captured to young boys, Jim and Mossau, and took them to his ship. With the boys in his possession on the ship Viras ordered Gamera to cause some destruction on Earth or he would kill the boys. The boys proved too much for Viras and thwarted his evil plan by switching around some triangles on the ship freeing Gamera from Viras's control. Viras then revealed that the crew on his ship were actually dead bodies being controlled by duplicates of himself. He remove the duplicates from the corpses and became on very large Viras. Gamera battled the large Viras and was almost defeated by the monster but in the end Viras could not withstand the low temperatures of the upper atmosphere and froze to death.

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