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Virago was created in 2002 by writer Kevin Smith and artist Phil Hester. She made her first appearance in Green Arrow #12 - Feast and Fowl.

Major Story Arcs

Virago was the ironic name of an unidentified woman from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is described as being 'quite the looker', and in her brief career as a hero she helped local authorities arrest twelve criminals. She thwarted six muggers, three burglars, two cases of road rage, and an attempt to spray graffiti on the Liberty Bell - one of Philadelphia's most famous monuments.

In Green Arrow #12 she is lured out into the open with recorded cries for help. She is shot with a dart that deprives her the use of her legs. Virago is approached by a masked man, whom she asks for help. When he instead holds a pistol to her head, she begs him to spare her. After the man fires his weapon he reveals he is Onomatopoeia, a serial killer who targets non-metahuman costumed crime-fighters. Virago is his first recorded victim.

It is revealed in Batman Cacophony #3 that Onomatopoeia collected the masks of his victims. Virago's mask can be seen in a secret room of his ordinary house, next to the masks of Buckeye and others.

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