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Story Arcs

Death of the Dream

A new Serpent Squad has appeared led by the Red Skull's daughter, Sin. The group also consist of Eel, Cobra and a new Viper who has been identified as a man named Leon Murtaugh. The new Viper earned his costume after killing numerous people and impressed the other members of the Serpent Squad during his initiation as he slaughtered some innocent civilians with his poison darts during an attack.

Shock to the System

Murtaugh would provide important information on HYDRA to Captain America in exchange to be in the witness protection program under SHIELD. However, Captain America, Dum Dum Dugan and SHIELD Agent Rachel Leighton aka Diamondback would learn that a new Scourge has appeared and started killing other people in the witness protection program. Diamondback sees Murtaugh at his safe house location and he's upset that he's on some hit list. Murtaugh and Diamondback are injured when an explosion takes place outside the window. Murtaugh is confronted by Scourge and shot dead.

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