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"Tonight The Door Opens" Citizen Pain, the soldier puppet of a darkly laid conspiracy, has never committed an act of free will in his entire life. That's all about to change. Tonight his love for Cheri will give him the courage to breach the mysterious threshold at the center of the house, forcing a violent confrontation with the very men who command him. PLUS -- LOW TRIBE PREVIEW! An alien planet hosts three distinct primitive species, those who fly, those who build, and those who dig. Now a massive digger beast has been cast out from the belly of the Earth because of his friendship with a frail grounded child flyer. Together they will take an epic journey on the brutal surface and challenge the social order of their civilization. Survival rests in the very emotional bond that has ostracized them. Joshua Dysart (writer/co-creator of Violent Messiahs) and new comer Rick Morales give you a glimpse of a wholly original sequential art experience in their 5 page flip-book preview, LOW TRIBE. A New World awaits.

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