Respect The Violator

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This is a chronological listing of feats and history dedicated to the all mighty Violator.

Explaining his role in manipulating hellspawn

The spawn bible says Violator is over 15 hundred years old, and possibly even older

Origin of the violator

Kills his own father

Here’s Violator taking out a bunch of hitmen while he’s in his humanoid form. He got his powers taken away by Malebolgia for awhile
so he couldn’t transform into his true Phlebiac demon form.

Knocks spawn off a building after tricking him into giving him his powers back

Smashes his brother The Vandalizer

Pulls hearts out human chest's casually

Rips spawns heart out his chest and gives him a beating

Ok, so while Violator is powerless from having his powers taken away by Malebolgia he tells some kids of his Encounter with Medieval Spawn,“Cogliostro”

Shoots a stream of Hellfire out his mouth and torches Medieval Spawn’s Necro Armor right off his body

Tell’s about how Violator lost his powers after fighting with spawn on the page below from the scans I posted earlier

Smashes a tree in half then rips another one right out of the ground and uses it like a bat

Guess who was the first dragon :O

Stops an armored truck effortlessly

Fighting Badrock "Who is far above class 100 and has held up skyscrapers with brute strength" and then getting tranq shotted/sucker punched, but none the less holding his own with him until the cheapness

Takes two Army helicopters just to carry him. Look how big he is. xD

Can summon a dimensional gateway's to hell

Here Celestine; a powerful Angel effortlessly messes up Badrock

Violator gets the drop on her and rips her heart out like child’s play

Also just to show you how crazy the regen on the Phlebiac demons is..Remember earlier when Violator turned his brother Vandalizer into mush? Well guess who’s back lol

Violator schools his bros and then comes back after Badrock. Now understand this and hammer it into your head... Badrock is a guy who has lifted multiple Skyscrapers!!! Look how violator manhandles him, and literally almost digs his claws through his super durable body to his heart. Badrock lucks out though and finds Celestine’s spear and shoots violator stunning him with it. Then him and this lady teleport out of hell while they still have the chance. Trapping violator in hell for now

Violator strategically rips some dudes heart out to lure spawn, and then gets the drop on him


Holding his own against spawn

A little insight into the violator. Born on the 8th level of hell an eternity ago. Was given the title, “Spawn Warden”. Has been basically fighting spawns and manipulating them for a long time. Very driven etc

Transforming back into his clown form

Manipulating Jason Wynn to Mess with spawn. Also take note that violator has the power to create illusions with magic. Hence the security guards not knowing he is actually there through the security camera’s even though they are running normally. Also he disabled his phone with magic as well

Violator explaining to spawn how his suit works

More manipulating of Jason Wynn

The M on spawn’s chest and Violator’s face stands for Malebolgia/More string pulling. Violator is a master of manipulation

All the manipulating pays off

Violator kidnaps cyan and gets into it with Spawn. Spawn’s chains prevent him from transforming and spawn ends up seemingly taking him out

The hurting spawn puts on the clown seemingly destroys him, but cog let’s him know he hasn’t stopped him, and in fact Violator is still alive an well


A bunch of punks pull straps on Violator. Big mistake. Also take note of how violator effortlessly tanks bullets like it isn’t nothing to him

Turns some punk into his henchman. Violator has powerful Necromancy magic

Violator turning more people in henchmen

Violator Shoves his finger through Spawn’s head

Violator lured Spawn to an area called the deadzone where spawn is powerless. He then proceeds to humiliate and torture him

Spawn takes one of Violators minions hostage trying to get Violator to free him. Violator simply decapitates the hostage and reminds Spawn who he’s dealing with.

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Violator ends up telling all those humans he turned into his minions to cannibalize the body of the guy he decapitated earlier. Violator is one sick ruthless mofo

Spawn ends up crawling out of the deadzone and gets his powers back. Now it’s showdown time

Violator shoots his tongue out and grabs spawn. In the process fucking him up with Necro energy

Violator’s pimp hand is strong

Notch one win for Violator. Spawn is at his mercy and exhausted

Violator turns most the city of Manhattan into clown minions and blacks out the power supply to the city

To further point out that he did take spawn out and could of decapitated him right their if he wanted too. Here is Spawn waking up from his beating. Violator knocked him out

Spawn getting messed up by his minions

Gets a reverse tombstone pile driver

Spawn overwhelmed

Spawn tries and fails to take back the city from Violator

Exhausted spawn turns back into a more human form. The Violator has put him into a coma

Ok, so Violator’s next appearance is after spawn seals up heaven and hell and gives up his god powers. Apparently though hell has found a way back into the living.

Violator decapitating some old lady, and opening a gateway to hell

Sam and Twitch come across him

Tanks bullets from Sam and Twitch like it’s nothing

Speed blitzes Sam and cuts his wrist, and then tanks a ton of spawn’s chains right through his body

Makes tenants harm themselves

Transforms into The Violator and beats Spawn up

Tanking Spawn’s hellfire breath like it’s nothing and replying that it tickles

Then the body that Violator possessed briefly gains control bringing Violator back to the clown form and stopping him from killing Spawn

Violator partially retakes control at the last minute and pulls the guys girlfriend down to hell with him. Spawn seals up the hole to hell afterwards but Violator will be back and Al Simmons will be gone forever, at least seemingly “he kills himself and another guy becomes Spawn”

Violator returns from hell to end spawn once and for all only to find spawn dead. Although Al Simmons is still alive in some strange limbo like dimension. He killed himself

Violator realizes with no more Spawn and Malebolgia he can set things inyo motion to bring himself to the top

Now in Spawn 189 Violator basically has a whole comic talking about his plans to start up his own army to take on heaven and hell strong arming this vampire leader in the process to join him. If you wanna see everything he says then check out that issue but that’s the basic premise of it.

Violator kills this other vampire by shoving his fist through his heart

Rips an angel’s wings off

After these two scans Violator goes on to manipulate Jim Downing “The new spawn” into joining his cause. Basically lying to him and playing him like a chump

Violator owning the new redeemer and setting him up to get ripped apart by vampires

Violator can actually shape shift and can also change the size of his body on command

Dead Redeemer

Violator has the power to give people heart attacks

Takes on an Omega Spawn and holds his own up until Jim’s costume disintegrates it

Violator can throw up nasty crap on you

Brief skirmish between violator and downing

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10/10 great stuff :-)

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@Chaos Prime said:

10/10 great stuff :-)


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-jaw drops-

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Nice work, dude.

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@Kinasin_: love ya dude

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Well done.

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Nice job.
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Thx everyone. :)

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awesome post!! I recently bought a "manga violater"McFarlane figure from a local pawn shop... gotta say, it's one of my top McFarlane figures ever, it's just badass. I wish this mechanized razor blade sharp violator appeared in comics.

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@ethanrjc said:

awesome post!! I recently bought a "manga violater"McFarlane figure from a local pawn shop... gotta say, it's one of my top McFarlane figures ever, it's just badass. I wish this mechanized razor blade sharp violator appeared in comics.

Right on brah, and thx.

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This is very awesome good job!

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This is very awesome good job!

Ty. :)

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@Kinasin_: Is it okay if I use these scans?

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@Kinasin_: Is it okay if I use these scans?

To debate with, but not if you're going to copy the respect thread on another forum.

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