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While acting as Janice Cord's attorney, Vincent Sandhurst arrived at Stark Industries to negotiate the sale of the late Drexel Cord's assets and properties to Tony Stark. However when Stark, Sandhurst and Janice arrive to take a look at the abandoned Cord Castle, they were attacked and kidnapped by Gladiator and The Maggia. Sandhurst and Cord were later rescued by Iron Man.


Vincent Sandhurst was created by writer Archie Goodwin and artist George Tuska in 1968. He first appeared in "The Maggia Strikes" in Invincible Iron Man #7 (Nov. 1968)

Major Story Arcs

Vincent Sandhurst was aggressively advising Janice Cord to sell Cord Castle and the rest of Cord Industries to her late father's rival Tony Stark. When Janice and Tony entered into a relationship, Tony realised Cord Industries still had potential to be successful and informed Janice her lawyer was giving her bad advice. It turned out Sandhurst was desperately after his fees in order to help fund his brother's recovery from a horrific accident that Vincent himself had caused. One day when Vincent returned to his estate, he found that his brother Basil had enslaved all their servants in order to use their mental energies to fuel a power suit he had designed. Basil Sandhurst became the Controller and on his way to take over New York, even enslaved his won brother.

Later charges of embezzlement were brought against Sandhurst for his actions but before the proceedings began, Janice Cord met her untimely death at the hands of Titanium Man in a battle against Iron Man and Crimson Dynamo. Realising Tony Stark is the only one left alive who can press charges against him, Sandhurst attempts to assassinate the millionaire playboy only to be foiled by a hitman named The Mercenary, who had a contract out on Stark's friend Cheryl Porter. Sandhurst is left for dead by The Mercenary who tracks down Stark and Cheryl. After defeating Iron Man, The Mercenary disguises himself as Tony Stark to get close to Cheryl when a near dead Sandhurst arrives and kills the man he thinks is Tony Stark. After rejoicing at gaining his revenge Sandhurst drops dead.

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