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Vincent Price 

  Vincent Price (Vincent Leonard Price II) was born may 1911 in . His father Vincent Leonard Price SR was the president of the National Candy Company. The business originally belonged to his grandfather who invented "Dr Price's Baking Powder" which of course was passed on to each generation. Price's education was one of the finest attending Yale for Fine Art and History. It was not until the thirties that he became interested in the stage. 

Price did not appear professionally on stage until 1935 and a mere three years later made the jump from theatre into film. It was from here where Price would become known to the world and into the world of Horror which he is so famous for. In 1939 he acted along side Boris Karloff in The Tower Of London where his character played one of the victims. In 1940 he stared in one of his greatest roles The Return of the Invisible Man, where he took the staring role. Through out the 40's price played numerous roles in many different movies and voiced for the radio, most notably the saint!

Vincent Returned to horror in the 50's, in 1953 he played in the House Of Wax one of the first 3-D films to make it in the top ten for the North American Box Office. He moved onto The Fly in 1958 and then in 1959 took one of his most famous roles as Feddrick Loren in The House On The Haunted Hill. Price now was taking on more thriller and horror roles, so much so that in the 60's he 8   Edgar Alan Poe   adaptations over the space of five years. But one of his most Iconic roles was played out in Witchfield General where he gave a menacing over tone to his character Matthew Hopkins. He also played many small parts over the years, such as Egghead in the   Adam West   Batman   TV Series, At the end of the 80's and into the 70's Vincent made appearances on Hollywood Squares and often using his iconic voice to annoy Rose Marie.

During the 70's Vincent turned more to radio hosting the horror series The Price Of Fear. Vincent’s love for children was shown when he took a role in the House Of Frightenstein a children’s television program and once again he recorded more   Edgar Allan Poe short stories. Now with his film work almost non existent. in 1975 the horror industry was at a all time low and Vincent turned to Voice work. Advertising Shrunken Head Apple Sculptures, You can also hear Price's voice over Alice Coopers first Solo album. Vincent began taking smaller parts even appearing on the Brady Bunch. Vincent turned back to the stage in 1977 and Played   Oscar Wilde   in Diversions And Delights, This was the highlight of Vincent’s career, they play was a massive success all over the world.

in 1982 Vincent was approached by Tim Burton to do a voice over in a six minute film written by the director. Vincent agreed, the six minute piece was entitled Vincent and told the story of a young boy who wanted to be Vincent Price. The same year Vincent added his voice to the Michael Jackson track thriller performing a small rap piece for the track. In 1983 price played the sinister man in Bloodbath at the House Of Death a British spoof horror and then later he would appear in House Of The Long Shadows. In 1986 Price would play one of his favorite roles Professor Ratigan in Walt Disney's Basil The Great Mouse Detective. This would be one of his last film roles, From there he went on to host a TV series called Mystery until 1989, during this time he gave his voice talents to Scooby-Doo and appeared in various Tv Add's. In 1989 Vincent was entered into St. Louis Walk Of Fame and Finally in 1990 Vincent appeared as an inventor in Edward Sissorhands. In this time line Vincent has worked with many people and done many other TV shows. 


 Also during this time Vincent Married three times and had one Daughter who was born in 1962, Victoria Price was in his words, his greatest piece of work. On October 1993 Vincent Price died of lung cancer.   In the comic world a set of comics where released called Vincent Price Presents and   Vincent Prices Gallery of Terror   each using Price's personality to bring to life dark stories. 


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