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Hello Villain...are you for Hire?!

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The Good

Art-Renato Arlem does good work for this issue turning in the best illustration of T’challa we’ve had since Black Panther vol.4 ended!

Black Panther- T’challa under a new writer! Oh the possibilities! DNA handle his use in heroes for hire so well I would be willing to give up the current ongoing Black Panther just to have him as a regular cast member of the heroes for hire team.

Story- Very accessible and easy to understand story

The Bad

End- Sorry boys and girls but since the heroes for Hire ongoing is cancelled we may never again see this cast operating in this capacity.

Length- The problem I’ve realized with these .1 issues is that they are very short and contain stories often times far better than the regular ongoing! Things end just as they were getting good!

The Ugly



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    Villain, I've got a job for you. 0

    First and foremost, if you're buying this book for the villains then you may want to wait and pick up issue #1. This is a POINT ONE issue and it's only purpose is to establish the plot and background for the upcoming series. This one stars Heroes For Hire regulars Misty Knight, Silver Sable & Paladin. The guest stars in this one are Black Panther, Daimon Hellstorm and Stilt-Woman. It isn't necessarily a bad issue but it's all about getting the reader up to speed on how Misty's Heroes For Hir...

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    Unclench, Control. 0

    Not Necessary.In fact, it may confuse you.Don't get me wrong, it was a tidy little self-contained story, but it left me confused as how it links in with the actual Villains For Hire mini-series. We see Misty Knight, as Control, of the good guys. It is nothing like what we have come to expect from the actual Villains for Hire mini. That said, it does end in the way we would expect - with Purple Man and Headhunter prepping for their version (the original version) of the "for Hire" idea.Somehow eve...

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