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The Rabbit Hole

Viktor Mikalek is a Russian dignitary whose influence within his country is similar to that of Bruce Wayne's in Gotham City or Lex Luthor's in Metropolis. Tim Drake travels to meet with him under the false pretense of setting up one of his Neon Knights youth centers in Russia, but secretly suspects Mikalek of being connected to The Society and the ünternet, a villain network created by Dr. Sivana, and taken over and corrupted by Darkseid, afterward. Later, Drake, Tam Fox, Anarky, and Promise manage to infiltrate the ünternet to investigate Mikalek. Inside, the group finds out that after the events of Final Crisis, Calculator managed to take over the ünternet, but was over thrown by Mikalek after he was put out of commission by Barbara Gordon. Drake and the rest of his group manage to take over the ünternet, blocking Mikalek's access to it. Convinced Drake and Fox were involved in having his access to the ünternet blocked, Mikalek hires Catman to find and kill them. After Catman's failure, Mikalek resumed control of the Unternet after Calculator was taken offline. Fortunately, Tim had a trump card in case Viktor ever returned. Jason Bard was asked to have intimate relations with Viktor's secretary and in exchange the secretary would return her love and devotion by pouring ketamine into Viktor's daily shot of vodka at 3 o' clock. When Viktor entered the Unternet, he was dazed and incoherent because of the ketamine. With Viktor disoriented, he stretched the boundaries of his mind by dividing his persona into several digital versions of supervillains. The digital version of Tim and an army of Anarky managed to defeat Viktor thereby ending his control of Unternet but only after the real Tim Drake disrupted the Unternet's remote biological servers...the Madmen.     

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