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Vienna worked as a show girl at the Les Girls casino and showroom before she met Michael Costner and went on the run from Brother EYE


Vienna was created by Bruce Jones as the love interest of Michael Costner for the 8 issue series of OMAC.

Major story Arc


Vienna worked as a show girl in Vegas when Michael, trying to escapes some hired goons, broke into her dressing room. She took pity on the seventeen year old and distracted the goons while he tried to escape.

She later found him in the desert, after the bus she and her friends Lucy and Antonia and their pimp/manager Pete broke down. He had fallen from the sky and was babbling, she once again took pity on him. That night she caught Michael trying to sneak away and he saved her life.

The next morning Pete tried to kill Michael but Vienna stepped in and fakes his death. She then went with Pete and the girls to the Naughty Pines where Solly the owner got in a fight with Pete. Solly then took the girls back on the bus and into the desert, where the bus crashed it another car, carrying Michael.

Michael in full OMAC took Vienna to the Channel Islands where she learned what was going on. Vienna still didn’t trust Michael but later she fell in love with him. The two had unprotected sex and Vienna caught the OMAC Nano-virus. She also became pregnant but didn’t learn about it tell days later.

She later turns into an OMAC and attacks Michael but is able to trick Brother EYE into thinking he is dead, then she fakes her own death, giving Michael time to free Superman and attack Brother EYE. Vienna thinks she is safe but Brother EYE targets her again and Superman has to come to save her but it appears to be too late.

Vienna as a full fledged OMAC attacks Superman, and forces him to retreat into outer space where it appears that Vienna is going to kill Michael and Superman, but instead she turns on Brother EYE. The battle with Superman was all faked for Brother EYE to let her get close. She is able to destroy Brother EYE’s core but she loses her own life.

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