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Admiral Vielar Crom is a tall, intimidating cyborg who surpasses General Mayo Deftinwolf in military power and intelligence. He makes his debut in The Year of The Black Rainbow as Mage Covent Marth's General. In The Year of The Black Rainbow he is assigned to follow Mage Covent Marth before the initation of the Mage Wars. By the end of Year of the Black Rainbow he joins Supreme Tri-Mage Wilhelm Ryan as an Admiral of the URA. In the first half of The Second Stage Turbine Blade, Admiral Crom is appointed to follow the Gloria Vel Vessa and take over Deftinwolf's mission after Coheed and Cambria commandeered the ship. He wears a special armor that is capable of absorbing various kinds of energy from the area around him. He is later salvaged and brought back to life by Wilhelm Ryan, and is used to create a huge robot from House Atlantic.

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