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Posted by Gordon Kelly

Young Justice is the best coolest series for 2011 that I have ever seen from the old tv show I remember from Batman Animated Series, Adventures, Superman Animated Series, Justice League, Justice League Unlimted, Teen Titans. It is pretty cool to see Superboy Superman's clone cousin and Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad from the Brightest Day series on the show. 
Young Justice Rocks!!!
Posted by Eyz

The quality is pretty top notch.
Great artwork, amazing animation and well choregraphied fights!

Posted by NightFang
@Eyz said:
"Great artwork, amazing animation and well choregraphied fights! "
Thats why I love the show!
Posted by GraphicCasualFreak

I love Amazo! The show has been excellent so far. I hope they are able to renew this one.

Posted by Joe Venom

I love how awkward Superman gets when hes around Superboy, he can single handed put a stop to an apocalyptic war, but can't tell a boy how his body works...... smh

Posted by NoelVeiga

Ignoring whether or not I'm in the mood for another one of these (which is besides the point, me being an adult and all), the animation on display is amazing for a western series. The action looks impressive and if they managed to squeeze some characterization on the side this could be worth watching for all ages audiences.

Posted by Out_of_Space

Young Justice is one of my favorite DC animation shows