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This show has really surprised me

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Superboy needs to get damage proof shirt... hes gonna end looking like Homeless Boy.
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I like how he is all "OF COURSE!" 
AFTER they show the picture of him as Dr Fate 
of course!!

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I really liked what they did with Klarion in this episode and hoe to see more of him. 

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@fiftyorphan0574: I know, right. That's the first thing I thought of.
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@fiftyorphan0574: Ahaha, you know what? I thought the Exact same thing
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I don't feel this show is living up to Greg Weisman's reputation for writing.  I mean it's VERY well done with some great characters, but it hasn't really gotten me to actually care yet.  Not to the level of Spectacular Spider-Man, or even Gargoyles.
Oh well.  Shows like this need a bit of time to ramp up, but I hope it happens soon.

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Hmmm...what else did Black Canary teach you, Superboy?
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Young Justice was EASILY my favorite DC comic book, and the fact that it got cancelled to make room for the abysmal Teen Titans reboot still makes me mad even to this day. 
It's good to see the idea live again. 
You can't go back home again. You always have to be moving forward. Trying to relive the glory of the Wolfman era TItans hasn't worked since the 80s and it never will again.