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Posted by mikeclark1982

not interested at all. which is rare. 

Posted by EnSabahNurX

I'm going to watch it just because it looks interesting and I think it can't be any worse than Wolverine Origins

Posted by cattlebattle


Posted by cattlebattle
@mikeclark1982 said:
not interested at all. which is rare. 
Posted by Iron_Turtle

Only watching it because I'm a huge Magneto fan. Also unfortunate thumbnail for the video.

Posted by B'Town

I am absolutely looking forward to this.  Critics be damned, I like all the comic movies.   I would prefer a well done movie but beggars can't be choosers.  

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

I'm actually rather looking forward to this.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

I will check it out for sure.

Posted by shawn87

That looks so awesome

Posted by tbpinkfloyd

This AND critics are loving it? This is going to be great. However, if there's a sequel, I think they'll have to drop the prequel idea and go witha reboot sensibility
Posted by Elenatintil

Excited for the movie but does anyone else find TV spots rather annoying? The shots are so quick and even more out of order than regular trailers... my eyes can hardly process all the information! 

Posted by mark5

Charles what are you doing? Gonna shoot your own friend with *ahem* a METAL bullet? lol

Posted by azza04


Posted by Icon

Just posted this in another thread without knowing it was here. lol

Anyway, awesome!
Posted by Croi

Looks like Magneto is sayin' "BA!" when he thrusts his arm out.

Posted by Nova`Prime`

I to am curious as to what Charles is going to do with the gun. But I don't think he's pointing it at Magneto, it just seems way to obvious for a trailer.

Posted by TDK_1997

Looks good but we will see

Posted by Kal'smahboi

I'll see it eventually, but I'm still convinced that it's going to be bad.

Posted by MadComics

Did I just see Azazel attacking Beast? :D

Edited by G-Man

@Icon: Yeah, as long as people see it. We haven't been posting all the TV spots (I think this was actually #15) but since there was some cool footage here, I couldn't resist posting it.

@MadComics: Maybe there's some jealousy going on since comic book Azazel hooks up with Mystique and it looks like there's something going on with movie Beast and movie Mystique.

Posted by Baron_Emo

Action. ACTION!!

Posted by Out_of_Space


Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

Professor X with a gun, totally awesome. This movie will be more successful than the other X-Men movies. I wonder what Stan Lee will be acting as in this movie?

Anyone else wondering who Stan Lee will be this time?

Posted by Larkin1388

I'm not really looking forward to this. I might watch it after it comes out on DVD.

Posted by kamionero
@mark5: No wonder he's the one that ends up in the wheelchair :P
Posted by Edamame





Did I just see Azazel attacking Beast? :D

Yes. It was stated that Azazel and Beast would be engaging each other in this film.
Posted by Aqua11500
@MadComics said:

Did I just see Azazel attacking Beast? :D

yup fighting over Mystiques affection! XD
Posted by MrMazz

Anyone know what or who that thing was at about :11 where its flying in and getting all stretchy?

Interesting to finally see riptied? in action. I am actually kind of interested in this movie which is the opposite of what I was when this was all first annouced
Posted by Nova`Prime`

Just watched a Sneak Peek on Fox and have one question... who the Fu... hell is Darwin?

Posted by MadComics
I wonder who would win. NOW I AM EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Posted by Kaden_Dragon

I find myself surprised by the fact I find myself more excited the more I see of this.

Posted by Illuminatus

Reminds me of the Wolverine trailers. Infact, they practically are the Wolverine trailers. Good thing I'm going to be in Italy, soaking up sun and getting drunk when this bootleg of a film comes out..

Posted by Deranged Midget

Watching it regardless what critics say.

Posted by Eyz

nope... still not buying into it.
But I guess it's looking better than when we had those first pics.
I'll wait for teh dvd :P

Posted by Shadow_Thief

All right! You mean there will not only be explosions, but that Professor X will point a gun at someone, at some point?!

That's pretty much all I could get from this trailer. The images were so rapid-fire that I thought I was going to have a seizure. Maybe I need to get some of that A.D.D. the kids these days are all talking about.

Posted by riri4life

:D ....I really hope this doesn't suck and they're showing all the good parts. lol

Posted by skaterpunk97
Can't wait for the movie to come out!!!
Posted by IllyanaRasputin

Pretty excited for this movie actually =) even though some characters are just thrown in for fill in characters im still excited to see what the outcome of it all is =) 

Posted by Edamame
@MrMazz said:
Anyone know what or who that thing was at about :11 where its flying in and getting all stretchy
Magneto was using a metallic piece of a ship to attack the Hellfire Club. That is why Emma Frost and (either Azazel or Sebastian Shaw) were running away. 

@MadComics said:
@Edamame: I wonder who would win. NOW I AM EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
It would be an interesting fight. LOL Both characters are very fast and agile.  ; D
Posted by Edamame

I wonder if Sebastian Shaw is going to die in this film. I don't know if he can handle all of those bullets. 

Posted by Phylos

what mutant was that at :07?
Posted by Edamame
@Phylos said:
what mutant was that at :07?
Posted by Phylos
@Edamame said:
@Phylos said:
what mutant was that at :07?

thank you.
Posted by Edamame
@Phylos: You're welcome.
Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Mutant on Mutant violence, I have long missed that!

Posted by Phylos

Seeing young xavier with a gun made me think of a question, in comics, did xavier ever use weapons? in case his telepathy failed or the x-men werent around?

Posted by VickyVons

it looks like it's gonna be really good, but still i'm skeptic because i've seen awesome trailers with crap movies

Posted by The_Diamond_Prince

Yes! I have a great feeling about this movie!

Posted by NXH

No, James Macvoy! This is not like that last comic movie you did called Wanted (00:25)

Posted by PhoenixoftheTides

I think Mystique's blue make up looks stupid. They must be using a different version than that used to dress up Rebecca Romjin.

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