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Posted by couzinit99

AMAZING!!!!! This along with DC Universe Online are now on top of my "MUST BY" games list hahaha :D 

Posted by dementedtheclown

Lame trailer, if you can call it that...

Posted by Ororo19

great....another game where i CAN'T be my favorite heroes.....

Posted by sora_thekey

I want this game!
I wonder if this will be sort of like the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games where at the beginning they ask you a lot of questions to see which Pokemon you will become in the game. 
This game could do the same by asking you questions first and choose a power for you depending on the answer you give.

Posted by ForbushBug

Unless you get to play an immobile silhouette, that trailer was pretty uninformative.

Posted by Gambit1024
@Ororo19 said:
" great....another game where i CAN'T be my favorite heroes..... "
I feel the same way... 
Like seriously, what gives?
Posted by Kid_Zombie

SWEET! cant wait for this, i really hope you can create your own characters from scratch in this. I've always wanted an X-men game like this and now im getting it! But I hope its action adventure with RPG elements, If the game has "final fantasy type fighting" in it, prob wont buy it then.

Posted by Kid_Zombie
@Ororo19 said:
" great....another game where i CAN'T be my favorite heroes..... "
what you mean? Who you want to play? As the x-men? there are hundreds of games u can play as them.
Posted by CaptainGenisVell
That's why it's a teaser and not a full blown trailer
Posted by _Sojourn_

Finally...A Marvel game that will be awesomer than DC online

Posted by Bestostero

I'm still disappointed, I really wanted an X-Men Legends III, i wouldnt mind if it was a Marvel Ultimate Alliance III either...
Least this trailer had something in it, i remember there was a trailer for the Avengers cartoon(?) that was basically just the logo the whole time, it might've been something else, but it was pretty blah

Posted by Ororo19
I don't like all these create your own character type games. You seem to like the idea which is totally fine, but I want to play as the X-Men!
Posted by Crymsun

As a long time RPG guy, I love the idea of creating your own characters and immersing them in the DC or Marvel universes.  This is a great selling point to me.   
This may be similar to DCUO where you get to play the Iconic characters in a PvP arena type setting.   You just can't play with them in 'storytelling' mode.
Posted by TheBuck

I hope its like X-Men Legends in terms of game play.

Posted by Chane
@Ororo19 said:
" great....another game where i CAN'T be my favorite heroes..... "
Posted by Namor1987

That would be nice to see Hope in there lol just owning everyone & everything but I think the 3 at the end are like 3 original characters the one on the left looked hispanic & the one on the right looked like chunli

Posted by Metatron_Da_Don
@dementedtheclown said:
" Lame trailer, if you can call it that... "
yeah didn't reveal anything, 
and did they say we can't play as canon X-Men? I mean not everyone can share a character, but has anyone ever thought of creating mini-networks where its 1 character assigned to a online player.
There are plenty of good characters to go around, problem is that everyone would want to be 1 or 2 characters.
Edited by Jordanstine

Is the X-Men Universe alone that big to have a game like DC Universe Online
But this isn't going to be an MMORPG like DCUO... right? 
I'm not into paying $15 a month for a game I'd probably only play for a month, before the next big new game comes out.




I'd like to re-create Wolverine, Cylops, or Archangel in DCU Online.


Maybe Batman with mutie gliding powers in X-Men Destiny

Posted by jordama

So many cynical thoughts on this. This could be amazing, stop trying to find the flaws
Posted by Midnight Monk

I seriously hope this isn't an MMO

Edited by -Vigil-
@dementedtheclown said:

" Lame trailer, if you can call it that... "

That's why they didn't call it a trailer, but rather a teaser, in which the whole point is to tease you with as little info as possible. 
I'm already way excited for this game, though!
Posted by Sobe Cin
the avengers trailer you are thinking of was a teaser for the movie. The cartoon comes out on Oct. 20 and they have been running 5 min segments for the last 16 days or so.
Posted by Duncan

I'm guessing we'll see more info and maybe some in-game footage from comic con. At least I'm hoping for that.

Posted by alphamale73

I think I just OG'ed!!!!!!!

Posted by CellphoneGirl

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG This is going to be amazing! :D 

Posted by Omega-Man

Sounds like you can't play as any of the heroes but have to make your own though I used to be a big X-men fan this game doesn't interest me hell DC universe online did interest me to the point I can make a new hero myself but I have to say none of the heroes in DCUO have had a good game where you play as the DC hero.
Sounds like this will be simlar to that, and WHY? Sure the only good X-men game which wasn't about X-men it was Wolverine was X-men origins Wolverine which was a better game and had a better story than the movie it was based on but still. Blareg not any good comic games coming out yet.

Posted by crimsonspider89

Hey this was the same game that G-Man suggested. LOL.

Posted by TheMess1428

So what is it supposed to be? An MMORPG? A console game? A regular PC game? I must know if I need it for my PC or my PS3. (When I buy one).

Edited by Icon
@Jordanstine said:  

Is the X-Men Universe alone that big to have a game like DC Universe Online

 Easily, the X-universe is huge! 
I can't wait to see more from this game. Sounds great. 
Posted by Weapon-Alpha

What kinda game IS THIS???
Posted by DarkSyde79

Interest peek'd...

Posted by TVN
@jordama said:
" So many cynical thoughts on this. This could be amazing, stop trying to find the flaws "
I agree.
The only things with this is from what I've read so far, I will have to get a PS3.
Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

Can my hero create volcano-like bursts of nacho cheese on command?  No?  Damn.

Posted by Doctor_Octagon
@ForbushBug:  Ditto.
Posted by Danial79

I think Marvel game developers focus too much on the whole team aspect. I think they'd be better off focusing on a single character (other than Spider-Man or Wolverine) so that you can get to know them. I think that was why Arkham Asylum was so good, it just had Batman doing what he does best.

Posted by DH69

great another x-men game...GIMME A CHANCE TO BE AN AVENGER DAMN IT!

Posted by Theodore

I hope its not an MMO, it'll fail if it is...

Posted by X-93
@Jordanstine: looks interesting.  Hope to see more soon.
Posted by shawn87

this could be good

Posted by GT-Man

Posted by Aspenite

Bombastic. Wanna have right now!

Posted by www.deadpoolforum.com

That looks amazing!!
Posted by Psyker star

Hope its not a team based game.

Posted by ShoNuffSODS

.@Kid_Zombie said:

" @Ororo19 said:
" great....another game where i CAN'T be my favorite heroes..... "
what you mean? Who you want to play? As the x-men? there are hundreds of games u can play as them. "

 I agree with Ororo. I dont understand y everyone wants to play as the hero! every superhero based game in the past 10 years except 4 mmos makes you play as a established hero do ya'll not want to be your own hero 4 a change?! If not play the old games. I 4 one would love 2 make my OWN x-men character and play a new story the past x-men games have been based on establish canon of some sort hopefully this won't. 
Posted by RYU/BATMAN

I'm getting this game. X-Man mansion here I come!

Posted by The Umbra Sorcerer
@DH69 said:
"great another x-men game...GIMME A CHANCE TO BE AN AVENGER DAMN IT! "

Hey you can't help it if the X-Men are more Popular than the Avengers
Posted by Dirty__1

I'm looking forward to seeing more about this game. I'm not totally sold on it yet but it could have some promise.

Posted by A-Strondinaire

Here's some new details on the the game  
 this is from someone working at the activision community site 

All I can say right now is that yes, the decisions you make impact everything - your character, your powers, how you develop, the path you are on, the storyline, etc. And for those who still want to play their favorite characters, there’s a way you might be able to experience the powers of those characters…

Of course there are going to be lots of appearances AND MORE from favorite X-Men characters.

The favorites that I saw mentioned a lot of times on this thread that weren’t necessarily in MUA2 (or maybe they were) are in this time around!      

 So basically it's saying we won't be able to play as our favorites but use their powers (lame).  this websites tells more about developement and storyline 

Posted by IllyanaRasputin
@A-Strondinaire: I'm going to disagree with you, appearances can ultimately mean you can play as them. I believe that once you're character becomes an X-Men after all it's training ect, you're going to be able to make a team and play as the X-Characters 
Posted by Thunderscream
@IllyanaRasputin: It seemed pretty clear from that link that you choose from 3 characters in the crowd and don't play as the X-Men themselves. It didn't give any indication of team play and seems cut-and-dry about simply interacting with Gambit, Wolvie & Surge and not controlling them.
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