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Ok I am pretty sure she called Captain Marvel  Flash at  the 2 minute mark.  Not only is that unacceptable, I bet she's been saying that all day!

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Those Mego looking ones they were exclusive to where??? Must Have Them!

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TOYS!  I love it. 
So many Green Lanterns!

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FLASH?  Did she mean Captain Marvel? I saw no flash, and capt Marvel was not mentioned.

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Those looked awesome

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@KyleRayner:@Thor'sHammer:   With a super crowded booth it was nearly impossible to grab footage of every single character as she was saying it.  She was giving a run down of the lineup, and I was grabbing footage of that specific lineup. I apologize if the characters didn't always match.
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sigh... apparently DC hates the idea of me getting a t-shirt Superboy....

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I'm still bummed that JLU is being discontinued... yeah they're gonna keep the same scale for Young Justice, but they aren't gonna fit in with each other so its basically a whole new line anyways.  On the bright side I love Young Justice, and HURRAY a Cheshire figure at last...i really wished they have a variant version of Cheshire with the mask off  though.
Cannot wait for the release of the Young Justice figures :)

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The flash needs some mattel love, the real flash not "it's red and has a lightning bolt on it so it's the flash" from the video

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Matty Collectors booth and no He-man and the Masters of the Universe colllection?

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I like the Arkham City figures they showed.  Very desirable.  I want the legacy Batgirl figure. 
"Two of everything!"  That made me laugh.  Hey, at least you have the kid angle to make that work, I would just seem silly saying that.

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That Arkham City Batman was pretty rad and I dig the CSA five pack. I think she said that that was going to be Wal-Mart exclusive. I'll probably have to pick it up. 

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" awesome "
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G-Man looks better with the shirt and tie.  Just sayin'. 


Sweet figures, can see why a lot of people collect them, they look great.

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Can I have three of everything?

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    1. When are the young justice toys going to be released? :D

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Really cool retro action SHAZAM! and BLACK ADAM I'll be looking forward to those. The lady at the booth sounded like she was in the know at first untill she said he was the Flash, Captin Marvel use to be a household name.