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Awesome. Lmao @ "a lot of people with no deodorant on"

Posted by Chewish

Great video, and props goes to the awesome new video guy!!

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Very cool, needs more explosions, though. lol

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Oh I will just take Bart to the Moscone center and see you soon Tony...Oh....wait......Anaheim...............................................................................Nevermind.

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Lmao "A lot of people in here...with no deodorant on..." I cracked up.

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Great video! I like the new style for these coverage videos.

I've only ever been to New York Comic Con and San Diego comic Con, Wondercon looks way less crazy crowded than those two. I'd actually love to check out a more relaxed convention like this sometime.

I always wonder the same thing as Tony, what are those people waiting for lol.

Also I spotted cosplayer Leanna Vamp at 8:49. Cool stuff.

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@chewish: Andy did some videos for us at SDCC and NYCC. He spends most of his time on GameSpot videos but has also helped out Giant Bomb a couple times. He's a great guy.

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@g_man: Oh, I must have not seen the other videos. Anyways, I look forward to seeing more from him.

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Sure it was tough having to do all the heavy lifting for the convention without Sara there. Her loss, and you get all the fun and interviews for yourself.

That BATMAN Rogues Gallery image was sweet.

Those people are waiting to exhale from all the lack of deodorant at the convention.

I don't know if Antarctic Press is ever at WonderCon. Would love to see a Fred Perry interview one day.

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1. Great vid with great explosions

2. They have space to walk :D My first comic con was NYCC and it was PACKED.

3. NYCC needs to get here faster. I'm craving a comic con.

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Shouts to my country for having no decent cons ever.

If Linda Le went to some of them, I'd be mildly ok.

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Great idea for a video! Now i know in more detail what a convention is like. Also Tony you are too funny sometimes.

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That was funny

Posted by emperium

Great video!

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If you watch closely you'll see the party horn belonged to the Green Ranger. He still thinks he's playing it when he walks by in the video. That Daredevil statue is amazing. I got the DKR Batman/Joker statue for Xmas this year. Pretty awesome!

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Hey, I specifically showered and wore deodorant! I was flummoxed by that line as well but I think it was to get into the DC/Graphitti booth to buy swag.

@g_man: Give my thanks to Andy, I had tunnel vision at the end of the day and only focused on Norm and yourself. He was very gracious about me not talking to him and even took the picture for us. I feel bad that I didn't thank him.

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My son and I are headed to C2E2 next month. I showed him this video and he said he's just going to wear deodorant under his nose the whole time. Problem solved.

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@xanni15 said:

Very cool, needs more explosions, though. lol

or cow bell.

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My son and I are headed to C2E2 next month. I showed him this video and he said he's just going to wear deodorant under his nose the whole time. Problem solved.

Smart kid.

Posted by sora_thekey

"Buy them a taco!" LOL! (I did that...)

This is the first Wonder Con in 4 years that I miss.. So sad!!!!!!

Posted by Tempest55

The explosions were hilarious! I saw myself in the video too, I look so awkward eating my sandwich.

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I'm surprised no one asked if I bought a Thanos figure.

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Sniff Sniff poor sad crying kid:(

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If I'm not mistaken that long line against the wall was for a Jim Lee signing there but I could be wrong. And if I'm not mistaken, that's Leanna Vamp at 8:48 cosplaying :) Got a picture with her that day and it was fun. Good first day!