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i couldnt hear much over the crowd

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H seems like a cool guy

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@jonny_anonymous: Yeah he was. Very cool and just amazing when you think about how many characters he's created. There's a list on his wiki page here.

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Posted by SlickyMike88

Kinda hard to hear him , the crowd ya know.

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Weird. I can hear him on my computer.

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Posted by Outside_85

@g_man: I can hear him, but it is difficult due to how far away he is from the microphone, the noise of the crowd and possibly because he doesnt talk as loud as he should in this case. The ECCC interview with Lemire suffered a similar problem.

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@g_man: I was able to hear, I just had put my head and ears a little forward to hear better. But, it a good thing you interviewed Len Wein. I never knew anything about him and it's nice to know now he's made such a mark on Batman's history especially with Lucius Fox. It's also nice to notice the changes in Batman's history.

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If that wasn't enough Wein for ya, or you just want an interview without noise pollution, then check out my friend's video: