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Posted by Sovereign91001

I remember that SDCC interview, it was hilarious. Khary seems like a real cool dude and while I miss the original TT, the new one has really grown on me, with the Lady Legasus episode being one of my favs.

Posted by iceslick

@g_man: Me and my boyfriend are still enjoying the show and we look forward to it every week. It so hilarious! I don't know how they can keep being funnier than the last all the time. I still even laugh when the Titans get tortured. But then, I feel bad for laughing at them. It's so sad, lol. I'm still trying to convince my younger brother to get over the "they ruined my childhood" phase to watch the show. As much he is a big fan of the original Teen Titans show even more than I am I hope he will give it a chance. Because this show is so good!

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I watch this show over my lunch breaks because the episode length is just right. It's really funny.