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Was that Jen in the background? lol

Also the song is Take it Higher

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I feel the love. :)

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They look like they're related.

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I wanted to say hello to Halle Berry, but then the line was very long. On the plus side that area was where I found Tony and Mat so mission accomplished.
On a related note, a lot of people were getting Flash issues signed so that's pretty awesome

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Great creative team! What I seen in issue 30, and hearing what you guys have planned makes me very happy. Almost makes up for the sadness I feel over losing Wonder Woman's current creative team.

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Massively enjoyed their work on The Flash, enjoyed issue 30, and can't wait to see where they go from there.

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@inferiorego Awww...this so romantic, it's making very jealous of you Mat! I wish I can hold Brian's hand. ;-) Lol jk

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@g_man: is that you on camera? nice zooming

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Definitely great things to come in Detective Comics! And I wish DC would let them write a Rogues book.

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@tim_mik: Yup. Mat and I took turns on camera. We're versatile that way.

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I want a Rogues ongoing written by Booch!