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Posted by Lvenger

Great interview with some really great details on the series. I'm really intrigued by the division of tactical, recon, patrol, investigations etc of the departments C.O.W.L. is organised into. That and the mood of the 1960s being a time of lost innocence in America along with a great introspection on payrolled superheroes and what that would mean for their status and decisions sounds very intriguing. I'm definitely getting this based on Kyle's great Nightwing work so far.

Posted by AllStarSuperman

yeah I am getting this

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Super excited for this book.

Posted by iceslick

@missj: It's so funny how you're the short one in the middle, lol. Anyways, I can't wait to get into this series. It sounding great already! :-)

Posted by JakeN7

I am excite. Sounds really cool. The different divisions definitely has me intrigued.

Also, I love how short Jen is compared to her boytoy. She must have to stand on her tippie-toes to kiss him...

...that's pretty cute actually.

Posted by Vaeternus

The chick is cute :) does good interviews, seems a lot more into it and giggly then the other girl was way back.

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This has so, so, so, so much potential.