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No love for Daniel and Finch? I have to say I am surprised. ^^

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Awesome.. excellent choice of questions of too! Ahhh this series is just blowing my mind and whats most exciting is I think we're seeing a story that in 20 years time is going to be up there with like the killing joke and DKR.. at least thats just what I think..

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I love what Snyder has been doing, I'm very excited to see where things go between Batman and the Owls.

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The only thing I really have against the court of owls is that it is really leaning too hard onto what was usually Ra's turf of being an ancient enemy consisting of a legion of shadow murderers. While the court scores points for its freshness, it does loose some on lack of originality. (For me at least)

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Scott is awesome

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Snyder's always a great interviews, seems like such a likeable and approachable guy. Could totally see him and I talkin about Batman/Swamp Thing/Skinner Sweet while having drinks.

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I need to re-read The Black Mirror now.

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@JonesDeini said:

Snyder's always a great interviews, seems like such a likeable and approachable guy. Could totally see him and I talkin about Batman/Swamp Thing/Skinner Sweet while having drinks.

I was talking to him the other day and he said you're the last person he'd be having a drink with. Even if you pay the tab.

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Scott is the man!

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@DocFatalis: Damn, guess he was a little more salty about our twitter debate on which Elvis song was the best than I thought.

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Ha, he said i loved Grant Morrison's death.

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@JonesDeini: I asked Scott about Swamp Thing and AV. Stay tuned.

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While I can't really say that the introduction of a secret society is really an 'original' idea in comics. Let alone basing them off the animal that is the hero's natural enemy. That's not at all important as how he's used it. What could have been terribly cliche. He has written to fine effect in challenging the hero. I don't think he hates Batman. Putting him through hell will only make the victory feel more satisfying than winning over someone who posed no real challenge.

His work on the series is another example in how I'd love to see what a writer could do if he was give more than a few short months to work on a comic and instead was given several years. I bet if Snyder was given five years to work on Batman that he could weave together some stories that would be really spectacular.

Though, I would still like to see Cassie back. Seriously, DC. What is your issue against her?

Not to focus on the superficial, but it's been a while since you've done much on camera work, Sara. The hair looks nice. I look forward to watching more of the interviews from you and Tony.

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he is very nervous. must be shy.

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Im glad to hear him talk so well about the other bat family books. He's a pretty awesome writer!

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@JonesDeini: You just can't trust those comic writers... :) (insert pathetic excuse for an evil laughter here).

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I so wanted him to sign my copy of Batman: Gates of Gotham, but due to schedule change I was SFL to try and get him to do so. Ah well, maybe next time. He still rocked it at the Horror in Comics Panel IMHO. Go Snyder!

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He seems like a really nice dude.

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@Mandrewgora said:

He seems like a really nice dude.

I know I'm in fact placing my order right now.

@InnerVenom123 said:

I need to re-read The Black Mirror now.

very approachable, passionate about his work and he knows what he is doing with batman as a character.

I feel he has made batman a new fresh character and I like that.

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That was a great interview. I can't wait to read issue 7.

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Awesome ass interview, a lot of incite on one of the most unique stories about Batman in a long time.

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I'm really excited for Batman books right now!

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Megazord Batman.

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Between the Black Mirror, Gates of Gotham and the past seven issues of Batman, I have absolutely loved Snyder's work. Excited to consume more!

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scott snyder is the the man period..

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Scott is a king.