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That was cool

Posted by craigbo180

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls introducing everyones favorite hero,

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@craigbo180: For some reason (the shovel), this guy (named Digger) sprang to mind: 

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That was great fun.

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I think I lost too, blah. Awesome game though!

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lol. fun game

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Isn't the shovel guy from that movie with Ben Stiller...uhhh oh yeah! Mystery Men? I think William H. Macy played him or something...

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@kittenpride: Yeah. I haven't watched that since it came out.
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Anyone else who attempts to do this challenge themselves is a loser!!

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

The Shoveler from Mysterymen
Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

I'd say that's a pretty good percentage given how quick those costumes were displayed.

Posted by AHR

Just to be clear, if you get more than half, you are a winner in my book!  That last group shot is pretty unfair >:3 
Tried to shoot some indie and slightly more obscure cosplayers to make it more challenging this time around.  My one regret is that I saw an AMAZING Yorick from Y The Last Man (gas mask, animal carrier, cloak) but I didn't get him on camera :/

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@ArtisticNeedham said:
The Shoveler from Mysterymen "

No that is Lazyboy and  and ...... come on guys 

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@AHR said:
" My one regret is that I saw an AMAZING Yorick from Y The Last Man (gas mask, animal carrier, cloak) but I didn't get him on camera :/ "
how could you? :O 
actually if I was ever going to cosplay, Yorick was on my list of top five choices...however, I can still go as Wesley Dodds and retain the gas mask part of it
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these are fun lol

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@dr.x:  and the Recliner!
Lazy Boy and the Recliner!
And I agree, over half right equals win.
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How could you miss Scarlet Witch, Speed, that chick from Sex Bob Bomb, The Warriors Three....

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That is one SESSY Ms Marvel 0.0

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To be fair I think the video played a bit fast but I really thought G-Man would've got them all!  Aww....
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that was funny...some of the costumes were pretty bad while others were pretty awesome

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Good work TonY!

Posted by Full_Spectrum

to be fair, some of those were blowing by wayyy to fast. i knew them all, but i didn't have time to pause for any of them.

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i imagined our school cafeteria filled with super costumed people eating their lunch. and hey even the flash gets tired, way to go on his stroll :)

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dat ms. marvel...

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o.O thats a pretty badass warmachine
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@Decept-O: @Full_Spectrum: They do start blowing by fast. And there's the pressure of standing in the middle of the office with others listening. There were definitely others I knew but sometimes you stumble and have to decide whether to name that one or the next three that pop up. But I enjoy doing these!
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God gave me a gift. I shovel well. I shovel very well.

Posted by dewboy01

those aren't heroes, those r the other guys.

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Great video!