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Posted by .o0Johnny0o.

At the moment I get excited when these come out:
Walking Dead
Detective Comics

Best writing at the moment. Because each of these have fantastically written characters. Peter David's writing the best 'Super-Team' book at the moment with X-Factor, no contest.

Posted by cyberninja

I know that comic books based on novel/movie aren't always great, but I have to be honest, "The Dark Tower" series is exceptionally well made. Thank you comicvine, you guys are amazing. 

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Awesome interview with PAD.  X-Factor is always amazing!!
Posted by jakob187

Nice interview, but I was sad that you didn't ask about Amory Wars and his work with Claudio Sanchez on all that stuff.

Posted by G-Man
@jakob187: This was a total on the spot interview (hence the reason we're standing in front of elevators in a hotel). This was already a long interview. In the uncut footage, I cut the interview off after Dark Tower but he gave me puppy dog eyes since I didn't ask about Fallen Angel. But with the magic of editing, you'd never know. He's a really great guy. I asked him if we could do an interview later some time but he was totally willing to do it right there on the spot. I would've loved to talk to him about his Hulk run as well.
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Love Fallen Angel here so I might wanna see that conclusion now.

Posted by strangeling

Hurray! for interviewing Peter David.

His character-driven approach doesn't always make for the most exciting stories, but always makes them feel more real.  He's always reliable for good solid storytelling.  I'm not usually compelled to read his books first, but I'm always glad I do buy them and read them ( I'm finding Gail Simone's work on Birds of Prey to be in that same vein ).
I know that all doesn't sound very complimentary, but...*shrugs*
Posted by MatKrenz

Man this interview was awesome.
Posted by hitechlolife

Outstanding interview. Hearing Peter tell the story of the genesis of a character he loves, with such obvious passion, was a real treat.

Posted by shawn87

Now that was an excellent interview. Peter David seems like a real cool dude

Posted by Eyz

 The man behind Miguel O'Hara! Awesome! I love his work, one of my favorite Marvel memories as well^^

Hehe :P
And kinda awkward ending right there, G-Man! XD

Posted by Joe Venom

This is the one I've been waiting for! Peter David writes just what I want to read, I want to see him and 
Quentin Tarantino  make a film together that would be epic!

Posted by jakob187
@G-Man: Totally understandable.  I just get sad that no one seems to ever talk about Amory Wars.  lol  I saw "Peter David" and I just thought "OH MAN, DARK TOWER AND AMORY WARS!  YES!"  It was a great interview regardless.  Very cool cat.
Posted by Bald Eagle

Good interview.  Peter David has always been one of my favorite writers.