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Posted by Comiclove5

I'm loving Teen Titans and Great Interview, G-Man.

Posted by doordoor123

One of my favorite writers. 
PS. the music was REALLY distracting. Maybe its because it was so upbeat or maybe it was just too loud. I dont know but it was really bugging me, Maybe you need to raise the volume on Krul. And im sorry but this zooming in on the interviewer isnt working. Zooming in should only be used in important moments. Maybe Krul is saying something that you want everyone to hear. Thats when you should have a close up shot.

Posted by Bestostero

Good stuff

Posted by craigbo180

I know this is completely irrelevant but I just couldn't stop focusing on how tall he looked. Is he tall or is g-man just short? HARD HITTING QUESTIONS!

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

Teen Titans and Green Arrow are 2 of my favorite series

Posted by webling

Looking forward to his work on both books right now. He's doing a great job.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus
@craigbo180: I was just thinking that myself! Heh. That said, Krul is awesome with the work he does. I LOVE Green Arrow right now.
Posted by X-23_2513

i love Teen Titans    
Posted by cyberninja

This is amazing, thank you comicvine.

Posted by G-Man

Also, you might've noticed this is Part 1. There'll be another video with about his Aspen work.

Posted by SmoothJammin

He does great work on Teen titans, haven't read GA yet. Any recommendations?

Posted by Nuec_Sol
Also, you might've noticed this is Part 1. There'll be another video with about his Aspen work.


Looking forward to it

Posted by Outside_85

Pity, i was kinda hoping Krul would defy the norm and show Cassandra as a decent leader rather than one of the highscorer's on the leaders with the most dead team-members.


Btw, the camera was shaking alot.

Posted by shawn87

Another great interview. So far the coverage has been fun to watch

Posted by Doctor Damn

I very much appreciate his understanding of Tim's roots and his opinion that he'd make a better Batman than Bruce. 

Posted by Eyz

Great interview!
Lots of funs stuff in here, I'll be looking forward to more JTKrulness! XD

Hope the forest survives the Brightest Day, I kinda dig Star City's having a Star-shaped forest in the middle, kinda made it unique and more memorable.

Also, out of topic, that DC poster in the background rocks!

Posted by GraveSp

I really like Teen Titans but I don't like the way Red Robin is drawn in it.  He looks way to skinny compared to how he looks in his own book.

Posted by dm_jlifan

 Love Teen Titans but Green Arrow suffers from its Brightest Day status, can't wait till it ends and we can get on with Green Arrow vs. The Queen.