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Anyone else hear a guy in the background yelling " What you looking at boy"? Anyways these were some interesting interviews.

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this is the first step into the year of the green lantern

Animated movie
Live action Movie
Cartoon series

can't wait
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Man this looks great

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what was going on with the camera there around the 5 minute mark?

Also, was Andrea Romano wearing a GL ring?!
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Speaking of DC Animated...... when is Cartoon Network going to put more DC cartoon movies on TV.
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@Fantasgasmic: She had a light up GL ring. We compared rings at SDCC in 2009.
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I have so much respect for Bruce Timm, Andrea Ramano and Alan Burnett but this film looks to me like it was made as a cash in on the movie so much so they just used the design of the First Flight characters just to go into production quicker I am looking forward to the animated series more.

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 I can't believe the "What are you looking at?" guy didn't throw them off. Anyways, does Emerald Knights and the Live-Action GL movie both come out on June 17th?

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@G-Man: 2 things. 1) Ok, good, I"m not crazy. 2) That is AWESOME!
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 Bruce Timm, Andrea Ramona and Alan Burnett . I admire these people so much!
LOVE the DC animated movies!
Great interviews!

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 where is  the hat

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Really great bunch of interviews, my favorite up so far :)
And that guy's got a great Kilowog tone!

Awesome, keep 'em coming!^^

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Great interviews, Babs.  

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geoff been on those weights. naw but johns is hands down best comic writer ever.

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bruce always looks angry

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Green Lantern is getting a lot of movies and they all look good.
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Love all those guys. Great Interview.