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Love Digital comics... Their eviroment fiendly!!!
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Interesting proposition, but I still prefer print comics.

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Freeze at 00:39. That's not G-man!

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Dammit Steinberger, when will I get sorting by Unread Comics!?!

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Cool. I'm a member also at ComiXology (its good at visual calenders of when things come out. keeps me int he know.

@craigbo180 said:

" Freeze at 00:39. That's not G-man! "

I wondered about that myself. coincidence? oh course not!
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I really want to get into Digital Comics but I really can't because it feels diffrent. I would rather have a comic in my hand anyways.
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Like many others, I find the idea of digital comics appealing (especially from a storage space perspective), but I can't get past how great it feels to hold a real book in my hands.  I've tried reading comics on my HDTV, and my netbook, but it's not the same.  Perhaps it's different on something like an iPad (the control method seems more intuitive), but I can't justify the cost of such a device when I already have a portable.

I don't have the experience of visiting the local shop and chatting up the employees/owner with digital comics, and I certainly would miss out on the exercise that the walk to the shop gives me.  I'm glad that they're offering a way for local shops to get involved though, and the price of the issues is great.  Still, I'm going to stick with regular comics for now.

Before I forget.  I love the layout of your page.  Hope you're able to convince Marvel to support non-iOS platforms, and have more current issues of comics on hand.  Keep up the good work guys!
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I love the idea of digital comics especially since it's a 40 minute drive for me to get to my local DNA Comics shop