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This was interesting
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what do you think the other dimensions are gonna be? 2099 or 1602? maybe fairytales? honestly those all (cept maybe 2099) sound kinda lame, but idk what else it would be....

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After what happened with Web of Shadows. Color me suspicious about this new alternate dimensions idea. My favorite Spider-man game so far is the Ultimate Spider-man game. It has a lot of detail and life to it, and it was a PS2 game.
What will probably help this game is that it's not based on any movie. Meaning they don't have to have it out by a set time table. If they need to push it back to make improvements. They can do so.
The downside about it not being open world for me is that it means no exploring New York. That's something I really enjoyed about the previous games, because it made you feel like Spider-man. Further and further into this interview. My expectation are plummeting. I think they would of been better served to of made a separate game for Noir.
I'm really curious about how you switch through the dimensions. It would feel like a let down to upgrade a character's moves if after a while in the game you never play that character again.

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@zombietag: 2099 seems like a given. 1602 could be...interesting. Hopefully not Ultimate. I love the comics but not enough variation from the "Amazing" dimension.
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I'm highly intrigued to check this game out, just because they dug into NOIR for this!!!  Seriously, that's awesome. 
As for the other two, there are just so many possibilities.  2099, 1602, Marvel Zombies, Iron Spider...it's tough to know.  It seems they'll be sticking with the idea of not just alternate versions of Spidey, but also alternate versions of the world he inhabits. 
Very cool interview, though.