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Seems to me that they already covered Jason's.....turn to Red Hood in Batman Annual #25. Not that I mind Winick fleshing out the story, but there really doesn't seem to be that much more to tell.

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the return of the JLI!  Thats awesome.  I love the JLI and have 4 of the books.  Can't wait for that, hope Kevin Maguire is drawing it.  Does anyone know if he is?  And when it will come out?

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looking forward to the Jason Todd mini

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I like Judd he seems like a nice guy.
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I like Judd's writing it's cool to see him making the Red Hood mini series and Generation Lost but it's funny Sara just spoke the reason she hates Green Arrow.

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Yes Yes Yes Yes

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Judd is a pretty good writer. I cannot wait to see what he does with Generation Lost.