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I'll be looking for Timebomb and Random Acts of Violence they sound cool.  

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Agreed.  What a funny guy.  PS your wife is AWESOME

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I love their run on Power Girl. They gave her a personality, a life, and made her more than Earth-2 Superman's big-breasted cousin.

A really good interview with Palmiotti. It's nice that you guys are doing more than some boring Q and A. I love seeing the personality of all of these creative minds.    

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i will miss them on PG.
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@LoganRogue24 said:
" i will miss them on PG. "
Same here : (
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Brooklyn! Reprazent!!

Flushing! Reprazent!! 
omygawd. i love yous. 

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Nice interview. He seems like a pretty nice guy. I haven't seen the Repo Men movie. I thought the motion comic was a bit odd. It just struck me as odd that this Psychiatrist doesn't react at all until he starts mentioning her daughter. She knew what he did for a living pretty well since they were talking. As he said, that people get so many warning and messages before he gets the call.

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This guy, this guy I like.

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This guy! I'm from Brooklyn, so I figured he was from there, fugghedaboutit!