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Awww I'm jealous Tony, I wanna meet Jaime King! good interview though

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@Tyler Starke: She was so cool. Definitely a major highlight of the Con.
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You lucky s.o.b....

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Her credits in movies have always confused me. Sometimes it's Jamie and sometimes it's James. Still cute though. Her husband is a lucky guy to have a beautiful wife that is so into fan stuff like comics and scifi movies.
I think I vaguely remember hearing of Kitchen Confidential. Very little though.
Nice interview.

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She's so little and cute!  Some reason I thought she was taller.  G-Man is only 4'3" for comparison.

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Holy hell she's gorgeous. G-Man you lucky guy you.

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Great interview. She is super cool.

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Jamie, you make me wanna watch the Clone Wars.  
And if you decide to make another Spirit movie, make it good this time. Last time you killed my Spirit love.

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She's so nice! 
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Nice interview, G-Man. You are so lucky.

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@FoxxFireArt: James was a nickname. When she was modeling (I think) her agency was already representing a Jaime model.
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I usually do not watch the vids but had to make an acception for King. She seems to know what she's talking about which is always refreshing. Nice job G.

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Her hairspray is amazing, not one strand out of place.

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She is so sweet. Looking forward to Clone Wars! Awesome Interview, Tony!

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G-Man, your interviews from this years WonderCon have been nothing less than extraordinary. I can't get over how well they all turned out. 
I SO want to see this. 

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Wow! you are so lucky to meet that woman who is into comics!