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Gail Simone my favorite,looking forward for Birds of Prry.
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I'm curious about the "New Villain" she's created for BoP. Was hoping she'd mention you know who, but no such luck.

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Gail Simone is a great writer and a very underrated one.

She is the reason I picked up my first Wonder Woman. 
I'm looking foward to Birds of Prey.

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i can't wait for birds of prey. 

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Whaaat? Nothing about Secret Six?? One of my fav books... :(
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she is awesome! i really love her Wonder Woman and i think im going to pick up Birds of Prey :) when it comes out
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I really enjoyed the animated short she wrote for the Tomb Raider RE/visioned project. She did the preteen Lara Croft. It was quite funny. I also really enjoyed the Wonder Woman animates movie.
Listening to the part about how difficult it is for artist to get health care. Here's hoping everything goes well with the new health care legislation that passed. Some of the lies created about that law are just astounding. Let alone that anyone would believe them. One of the more laughable are those who scream about not wanting "socialized medicine" and then scream right afterward, "Don't touch my Medicare!". Medicare is government run. It is socialized. Point in fact, Ronald Reagan even did radio ads back when he was just an actor trying to get people to write their representatives to stop Medicare from passing. He even called it "Socialized Medicine" in the ads.
The return of the Birds of Prey should be interesting. I find it notable that Oracle, Barbra, is involved in this team. She's also the one looking after Stephanie as Batgirl. Why is it that Batgirl doesn't seem involved in this team? The image we have seen didn't show her.

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Wow for a writer she does not give a good interview. 
I look forward to BOP as well

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When Babs asked a men writers "How are you?" they always replied " blahblahblahblah... And how are you?". Gail Simone didn't. Women are evil

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@timrothsays: you should read her twitter posts some time. she might just be positively evil.
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@damswedon: she's on my follow-list :)
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<3 Gail Simone is my favorite writer right now Secrete Six is the best!

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oh Gail

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Very awesome and very down to earth lady. She's the greatest reason why i learned to love WW. She brought a lot of depth and dimension to the character.

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OMG, I love her :D. Her Wonder Woman kicks the ass of all other Wonder Women. Gail's run showed much gratuitous axe. But I have a hard time believing she made a character scarier then Genocide to go up against the birds of prey. Lol, Black Canary was completly ineffective against her.
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I love Gail Simone.