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Posted by cmaprice

Dan's great.

Posted by crimsonspider89

Dan was so awesome. I loved that he accidentally slipped that panel from Mighty Avengers 36. LOL. He so wanted to tell us the other two Spider Men and wonder what his secret project is?

Posted by Jordanstine

Loved his work on GLX - TheGreat Lakes Avengers; one of the funniest books I've read in a long time.
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

When are we getting more Great Lakes goodness?

Posted by The_Martian

Dan seems like a fun guy.

Posted by sharky64

what a cool guy and funny
Posted by DMC

Nice interview, Dan's a fun guy.

Posted by War Killer

LMFBO!!!!! Dan's so freakin' funny, I love that guy!!! xD

Posted by zombietag

yeah he def seems like a cool dude.id love to write some ASM one day... maybe.... if a miracle happens :)

Posted by sora_thekey

I met Dan after the Activision Panel he is really fun to be around and really funny! 
I can see from this interview that Sara enjoyed her company! 
When I went to my first Con I met him on the floor by accident and he was so nice to me because I knew he wrote Spider-Man stories... and me being ubber geeky kid (whcih was like 4 years ago).... he came up to my ear and told me he was going to tell me a secret! 
What he told me was the Peter Parker and Mary Jane were going to have a hugeee problem with their marrige! Later on I realized he was talking about One More Day! 
I love the man!
Posted by Decept-O

Just going to echo what everyone else has already said, Dan is a funny dude, enthusiastic and obviously loves his job(s). 

While not into video games only due to lack of funds currently, I wonder if one of the Spider-Man universes may possibly be Spider-Man 2099?  Unless that's already appeared in a video game I don't know about?

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and you guys had a dinner with him, right? did he tell you about his new project OR the other two Shattered Dimensions universes? just hint ;3

Posted by NXH

That was awesome. The best interview from wondercon so far lol. 
So funny =D

Posted by Comiclove5

Dan Slott is funny and cool, I met him at BCC '07.
Posted by danhimself
@DMC said:
" Nice interview, Dan's a fun guy. "
@Nobody said:
" Dan seems like a fun guy. "
@War Killer said:
" LMFBO!!!!! Dan's so freakin' funny, I love that guy!!! xD "
this thread is doing so much for my ego
Posted by Aspenite

This was one of the most entertaining interviews I ever saw. Love this guy!

Posted by brewski420

this guy is awesome
Posted by Astroknot

fun stuff. dan is awesome

Posted by robokungfu

Amazing Spider-Man has been one of the only consistently good books I've been picking up for the past few months .  Dan Slott is a big reason behind that too.  Seems like a funny guy too.  The game looks cool too even though he started to get a bit too enthused about it and got hard to follow about the different spider-man worlds.  Should be a blast.

Posted by -Eclipse-

Awesome! Dan Slott (along with Joe Kelly and.. crap, who's that other dude? I think he wrote Character Assasination...) has written most of my FAVOURITE stories since I first started collecting Amazing Spider-man. In fact, he is probably the sole reason I didn't drop ASM after One More Day happened. I picked up the first issue of Brand New Day and... Wow. I was blown away. I loved it. Those first three issues will probably be one of my favourite Spider-man stories of all time, and I love this man's work. 
But on top of that, he's an AMAZING guy! So funny! I want Dan Slott to be my friend! XD 
Loved it when he walked off after he asked if Babs read ASM! Hopefully this interview has changed her mind about the series, eh? ;P

Posted by Grendel

Great writer...but a bit of a creeper.

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Whenever I read the Norah character in Spider-Man, I imagine her voice and her mannerisms as Amy Polar. 
Why do they call it the 616 universe anyway?  Why not Earth 1 or the Mongooses, that's a good name too the Fighting Mongooses.
Seriously though, why 616?