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Posted by Hawk

That still is better than the crap we get in Dallas.

Posted by Media_Master

Too bad there is no one there to interview

Posted by Thespirit

Mark Hamill is by far my favorite voice actor... but...a fee for an autograph, that's a bit much egh?

Posted by TimGrayson

Super clip more that ;]

Posted by Neobamboom

geez Mark looks bad....

Posted by Joe Venom

the way G-man felt in this video is how I feel every year at Wizard World Philadelphia the quality keeps going down down down

Posted by VZA

lol the cameraman read my mind.  I saw a glimpse of Psylocke and I was like... yo, go get a close up of her... forget about Luke.  Awesome.

Posted by Aspenite

Nice one.

Posted by Lady L

lol.. the sinestro thing was funny

Posted by Blackestnight

Red Lamp 3:24 FTW

Posted by eldestrisk

You should see the ones on my country, those ones would get you deppresed for a month.

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Posted by thechessclub

@Lady L said:

lol.. the sinestro thing was funny

Yeah...In hindsight, the shoes were a mistake=P