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Anime looksgreat Wolverine looks pretty funky.

Posted by LastSon1027

What up with the Super Mullet

Posted by Shadow Huntress

WOW. This looks incredible.

fans self 
I don't even care about that "super mullet".

Posted by csimon

only thing i don't like was the crazy long mullet

Posted by mrsummers

Looks like Vega ...Lmao

Posted by Mutant X


It doesn't even look like Wolverine. More like Joe Dirt with claws.

Posted by Giuseppe Riccadonna
@Mutant X said:
"???It doesn't even look like Wolverine. More like Joe Dirt with claws."


This looks awful...
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I am all for artists taking some creative liberties with the characters, but this seems a bit to drastic.   Then again the anime style has never really suited me.

Posted by pakx

that looks frigging idiotic.

i'm seriously in awe of how completely dumb that looks.

Posted by Rich-Man

err...WTF!? if thats wolverine then im dr manhattan...

Posted by passionfruits

Not good!

Posted by MichaelBach
@Giuseppe Riccadonna said:
" @Mutant X said:
"???It doesn't even look like Wolverine. More like Joe Dirt with claws."
EXACTLY!!!This looks awful... "
Posted by NXH

What the hell??!! First, Hollywood  with Wolverine in X-Men Orgins and now the Japs?! 
I certainly agree with someone on here, it looks nothing like Wolverine. Just looks like very other anime character. ='{
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What the hell was that! That wasn't wolvie, that was just some anime chump with wolverine powers! BLAM!

Posted by Psyker star

`That was the worst Wolverine I have ever seen.

Posted by general.grievous

This is wrong. very wrong.

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Posted by Blackestnight

sigh  lots of slicing and no blood.

Posted by scourgexlvii

Erm... Interesting to say the least. I'll check it out, though I hope they pay more homage to the source material than what that trailer showed.

Posted by SuperXAsh

looks stupid. I'm looking forward to anime iron man more. 
though Wolverine's sporting the most awesome mullet EVER.

Posted by Dirty__1

I really dig anime and all but this is a little much... I may give it a whirl just because it's Wolverine though.

Posted by Kairan1979

That's not Wolverine! That's Daken!
I'm glad they portrayed James Howlett correctly in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.