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Posted by Media_Master

Xavier's floating head reminds me of that Power Ranger show's floating head.

Whatever his name is...

Posted by Dr. Maxwell

Zordon is who you are referring to

Animation looks nice, the tombstones remind me of Days of Future Past, story could be loosely based on it, Senator Kelly and all

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lol :) and I love Wolverine and the X-men!!!! It's a good first season can't wait for the second

Posted by sneakyhamster
NightCrawler is so cool just telaporting around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by daveydavey

This show could have been good but...............

Posted by X-23_2513

that sucks that they cancled the secound season.
Posted by freedom

up until now i can't move on on the cancellation of this show. i had great expectations for this show, considering that they opt for an edgier story. hope something like this comes along in the near future, or better yet a second season.

Posted by Kairan1979

I hate the fact that they cancelled Season II.