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first grade was hard for me

Posted by DMC

So were you purposefully being the devil's advocate Tony or were you being totally serious? : P

Posted by Loki9876

it was I allready saw it in my opinion it was better than iron man

Posted by The_Warlord

My brother saw it, he said it was quite the movie

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I learned Norse Mythology before coming to the comics and I'm 100% sure that I will enjoy this movie. Its not just Scandinavian its European as a whole, my ancestors the Bataven worshipped the Æsir too. :P. I still don't like him being blond though, in mythology he has red hear and beard and eyes literally red with rage.

Posted by Video_Martian

I really hope this movie becomes wildly successful

Posted by Loki9876
@Kamen Rider Kajiki: I'm from Belgium so my ancestors worshipped norse mythology too.
Posted by CraftyArrow

I agree with G-Man I think if you don't read the comics it's hard to relate to Thor. If he was a main stream hero like  Batman or Superman. Then it would not matter. You don't have to read comics to know what Batman and Superman stand for but for Thor that could be another story.  And when I say main stream I mean house hold name.
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i don't think enough people give a sh#t about Thor

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@Loki9876:  If your Northern Flemish that ''too'' doesn't count because in Roman times that was Batavia land too. Meaning we got the same ancestors lol

Edit: Well technically you could also be a Franc too but they worshipped the Norse gods too so it doesn't really matter.
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Don't worry people, in my opinion it's one of the best Marvel Films to date.

Posted by DarkChris

It's actually the best Marvel Studios film after Iron Man. 

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FINALLY SOMEONE AS SKEPTICAL AS ME!! I saw Thor the other day and it was a good movie but it isn't as good as people say! It's too fast and strange. The whole Asgard and earth seems strange and the final battle is just dumb. It's beautiful but too strange. Hemsworth is a good actor though! Hiddleston too! But unfortuntely they don't focus enough on Jane Foster and Thor. They did not ground him. It was not convincing enough.


It is not the best Marvel movie yet but good. It reminded me of Iron-Man 2 in some ways. The problem is that while Green Lantern is more sci-fi and in that way more acceptable, Thor will suffer because even though it's out there as well it's about the nordic god-like beings in space.

Thor was a good movie but nothing more. I am so sick of hearing about how extraordinary it was. I love Marvel and DC but Iron-Man 1 is still the best. Captain America will set the bar! And Green Lantern will blow us away! Great summer opener though!


*update* - Norse mythology is norse mythology. Scandinavia and Germany, Iceland and some parts of Finland and Russia believed in Odin, Valhalla and Frøya. All others were just followers of Wotan, the original Odin, before the entire barbarian mythology was established as one single "truth". Den Eldre Edda og Den Yngre Edda is Icelandic. Scandinavia ftw.

Posted by TDK_1997

Ithink the movie will be super cool and really successful

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First what happened to the black panther movie discussion. I think thor is a fine character who does indeed deserve a movie but the thing is later in his franchise people in the movie might ask if your a god then everything we knew was awrong or trying to mix religions and that would be the difficult part of doing that type of character. now i think that cap is a more well known character. But hes not that much known as he was in the 50's and 60's. Each heroe has his time of coming back to the audience the median back to film this just so happens to be thor's time to get recognized and for people to learn who he is find out what he'll do. Cap had his time and lost it now he's getting it back but not before thor Tony All of these things you say thor wouldn't make since but u have to remember he is a COMICbook character everything is not supposed to be real or relatable. The marvel universe in movies brings a comedic role as well but thaths to make the character relatble just a bit to known that he can be stunned like a normal person and it still be funny as shit that's what its about. Thor has been stripped of his power So he cant do the samethings as befor but he c an remember. I'm also hoping that when he picks up the hammmer towards the end of that movie Director of shield Nick Fury comes and haves abit of a talk with out fellow Gofd of thunder who swears to protect and uphold our human lives. Now in my opinion Cap has had his time so we're giving thor his time his momment cap had a TV show thor's had none of those a couple of cartoons in the late 80's up until now he needs it more than cap does. Im sure that Cap will also get some new recognition and be just as successful A franchise as thor. I thinkl that after these guys Spidey's next right he needs to come back and win over a new audience for some who weren't there in tobey mcguire's beginning and let the new kid shine and show his webs off. after the avengers luke cage should be next then antman/wasp. A new Hulk movie but one where the actor can stick to the gigg and not bale or get fired. After that The wolverine. A newer revamped versin of the F4 and X-men. We all know the storyline has gone too far into it already that they're destined for reboots. Then i'd finally like to see the DareDevil reboot and maybe some spawn or solo war machine and Iron man 3 all within the next 3 years that'd be fantastic

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G-Man's being a bit of a d!ck(no offense). I know he's playing the devil's advocate, but he actually sounds a little vindictive.

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I am not a big Thor fan. So, I do not think it will be great for me. But i guess time will tell. But I am going to see it. 

Posted by isaac_clarke

Now I plan on bringing non comic book fan friends to watch this, as I've dragged them to see the others and again with my family, hopefully both times in 3D.


I agree with Babs. Norse Viking Alien God vs Magic techno ring that you use your imagination / will power to fight space crime with green constructs, Both are completely bonkers, but they are likely not going to be completely out of reach for general viewers to take in. Both of them will be human for some time, spend time on earth and their respected world, such as Asgard and Oa.


I personally think it's going to bring in a lot of money and might spawn a sequel outside Avengers.


Now is it the best choice of bringing this character out first over Captain America? I think it might actually be a perfect fit that flows better with Captain America being the thread that ties this universes together, while Thor expands it.


These guys came first.(Minus Wasp)




What comes to mind, Captain America is a story that takes years and years before  Tony Stark or Banner are even born. The only character that is around is Thor and he probably won't make any appearence in first Avenger outside the highly likely after the credits Avengers teaser that will give me a nerd gasm. So it makes more sense to toss out these three guys out first, then Captain America.


We already know Loki is in Avengers, he is likely going to be the guy that brings together and Captain America is who will keep them together. Sure as heck won't Fury. And to take note, Hawkeye will also be comming with the Thor package, yay.


Sum my opinion, Iron Man set the foundations for this universe, the Hulk establishes himself as a threat to this universe, Thor expands this universe and Captain America ties it all together. Thats how I see it.

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This was funny, but I think they both had good points, but for some reason I think I'm inclined to think maybe Tony's ideas were correct.  Without a general populace having amazing prior knowledge of Marvel Thor, its probably gonna be hard for them to take the movie seriously.  And of course mythology purists are going to can the movie entirely.  Still, I'm psyched for this movie and am definitely ready to see it.

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this movie will do fine.


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I hated math too
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I saw Thor the other day and it is very good, i think it ties into the marvel universe they are creating quite well. And just if anyone is going to see it stay to the end of the credits, like all the other marvel films there is a bit at the end and this one is very exciting

Posted by sora_thekey

I watched the movie already... It was awesome. No need to worry about anything Tony mentioned!

Posted by dewboy01

Whatever this movie tick's us all.
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@biggkeem89 said:

" G-Man's being a bit of a d!ck(no offense). I know he's playing the devil's advocate, but he actually sounds a little vindictive. "

I kind of agree...

NUMBER 1: This is a stupid segment and the movie is already out.
NUMBER 2: I think Marvel knows what theyre doing more then you guys think .
NUMBER 3: Thor is already hugely successful in the areas that are showing the movie.
NUMBER 4: Thor has 94% on Rotten Tomatoes out of 50 reviews.

So far the only negative reviews ive seen were from people with a strong knowledge of Norse Mythology that didnt know Thor was  superhero.
Id say the movie is fine.
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Tony I think is over thinking things a little bit when the mainstream audience expects a superhero movie to be something different with it's on mythos. Thor I expect to be a good movie same for Captain America and Green Lantern I have a feeling all will be financially successful movies but I do not expect anything like Dark Knight numbers. Nor do I expect these movies to raise the bar for the genre. The movies will be the first installments of new superheroes most of whom the mass public has either not heard of or only know a little bit of.

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@johnny spam:  I dont think Green Lantern will do as well as you think. People who dont read comics arent too familiar with the idea, cgi characters and costume look horrible, and all of the earth scenes looks like it was directed by a high school student. There are also many other blockbusters coming out around the same time. Transfprmers, Pirates of the Carribean, Cowboys and Aliens, Conan, Captain America, Cars 2.... and the list goes on.
Im a huge green lantern fan but this doesnt look like a blockbuster to me.
Posted by Mr. Dead Pool

CURSE EVERYONE THAT LIVES IN EUROPE!!!!!!!!!!! You guys get to see it and I have to wait another freaking week!!!!!!!!!

Posted by johnny_spam
@doordoor123:  I don't think any of the three mentioned films are going to be that big and yes it is a big summer schedule which is why I think the first installments of the franchises will not do as good as established film series.
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@johnny spam said:
" @doordoor123:  I don't think any of the three mentioned films are going to be that big and yes it is a big summer schedule which is why I think the first installments of the franchises will not do as good as established film series. "
I also dislike how bad DC is with getting good director. My friend knew nothing of Green Lantern and saw the most recent trailer. He thought it looked like Jonah Hex 2 :/
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Well first up, I have seen the movie (in 3D, which wasnt that special). And I went in there pretty sceptical because I thought the costumes of Thor, Loki and the other Asgardians looked like something out of a toy store.
And i wasnt dissapointed, all of the Asgard scenes werent really believable and Mjolnir looked like it it weighted as much as polystyrene. But with that, i thought the movie was really amusing because of what babs pointed out; he is an alien arriving on a world he basically doesnt understand. Like Starfire was funny in the TT: TAS because of all the things she didnt get.


Will it be sucessful in the long run? Yeah I think so, maybe not on the level of of being a credible threat to Nolans Batman (recently voted the best superhero movie by Entertainment Weekly), but it was certainly much better than Elektra and Daredevil. As for adaption of the comic...well Thor is unintentionally funny here, where in comics he has about as much humor as Batman.


As for crowd appeal...think more people are aware of Thor, Norse God of Thunder than there are people that were aware of Iron Man and Captain America put together and that Thor's name alone will draw people in, people who might not know its actually a comic book movie. Thor's name and doings is some thousand years old and the comic and mythological character does not differ that much, both are the only gods that regularly goes giant hunting and both are regarded as the heroes of their people and those of Midgard, the comic Thor only differs that he grew arrogant and was punished for it, where the mythological Thor dies after taking nine steps away from the corpse of the Midgard Serpent he was destined to slay. 

The non-comic-aware crowd wont be left behind in the dust because the movie does a good job of explaining why Thor is suddenly disrupting traffic in Nowhere New Mexico. They may be a bit dissapointed about the 'title fight', which was dissapointing to say the least and a little odd.


If Thor is a relatable character? Personally i have an easier time putting myself his Thor's boots, loosing everything he knew and finding him self in a strange land (pretty much like most of the refugees fleeing wars and such), in comparison to say Tony Stark. Stark is a dream character with added flaws (narcissist, drunk and attitude), guy has so much money he will never run out, has a hyper advanced lab in his garage, he topples the ladies whereever he goes and so on. Most guys will somewhere been dreaming about leading that kind of life, probably knowing they are not the next Bill Gates.


Was it an appropriate time to launch it now before someone like Cap and Black Panther? I'll say yes, Cap's movie will be Marvel summer block buster thats going to be fighting all the other contenders around the same time, and nothing draws americans as patriotism and war movies. Think Marvel needs to be very careful around a Black Panther movie, because they risk that the non-comic-aware crowd will take a single look at the poster and go; 'Batman rip-off' that images you put up in the video could just as easilly have been found in a batman comic for instance. So releasing Black Panther as a movie should probably first become a reality when general memory of Nolans last batman movie has faded away because of the popularity wave it's riding.

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My cousin and his wife just saw an advanced screening today and both of them loved it. From the reviews he gave me, it looks like Thor will do very well.

Posted by MakoaWolf

I love movies, along with comics, and a very major film fan...

Business-wise, this isn't the key blockbuster period for films.  I think for an overall Strategy, it makes more sense to open with the property folks are less familiar with, away from other competition for attention.  Right now, Thor is lined up to be the Spring Blockbuster, we're not hip deep in Summer Blockbusters yet; I don't think there's any real competition right now for it.  Come Summer, Captain America, Green Lantern, X-Men: First Class are all in each others horizon.  Along with movies that aren't comic book movies, Like the next Harry Potter piece.

Thor had to be clear of competition, even Marvel competition, if only to see how one of the less "Famous" characters will sell.  As far as importance, the success of Cap is more important I think, and First Class has to save a franchise.

Personally, I think it was a good choice, if Marvel intends to introduce Thor as a franchise, its best done away from serious competition.  I'm much more eager to see Captain America than I am Thor, but that's also a personal view.  I think there's a point to be made about who is more ingrained in the pop-culture conscious...my parents know who Cap is, my Mother knew the name "Thor" from the Mythology, but not from the comic.  However, she thinks the film looks great -- trust Anthony Hopkins to put seniors in seats. ;)

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This is the only movie of this year that I am very sure will be a successful hit. The cast is great. Portman, Hiddelson, and the legendary Anthony Hopkins I am sure will do fantastic and Chris Heminsworth looks like he will do amazing. Despite the fact that he only played Kirk's father for a few minutes I was blown away by his performance and I am sure he will do the same to audiences here. The plot looks really good and I am interested in how the breathtaking realm of Asgard will appear on the big screen. Kenneth, (although I was worried that he was directing Thor at first) seems to have crafted a great film. The armor actually looks believable which is something I marvel at. The movie looks impressive and it is the first movie on my "to see list"

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I do think Thor will determine if Green Lantern and Captain America are successful. If Thor is a success in America(its already a big hit oversees), then Marvel will have hype going into Cap, and even if Cap sucks(God Forbid. Cap's my favorite hero), it can ride the wave of Marvel success. If Thor does not do well, Captain America will have to be awesome to counter the bad press. As for Green Lantern, if Thor is successful, GL is gonna have to bring it hard. Its already got some bad press(Remember that report from some agent talking about how all of hollywood said the movie wasn't good?), and if it has to come at the heels of an awesome Thor movie, it will bomb. I think Thor will be the deciding movie to dictate the rest of the summer blockbusters

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Of course. Why? Because Marvel stopped letting film companies think of their ideas as "comic book" movies when they got their own studio and made The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and Iron Man 2. This will be fine.

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Thor is a great film, Ive seen it three times. :)



All my mates havent read the comics, and they kept up with the plot just fine.

Posted by The Stegman

i think Thor will do just fine box office wise and pretty good critically, but as a Dc fan i'm pissed that Dc isn't doing the same thing, they already have the Batman (Nolan) movies, and are rebooting Superman, and Green Lantern. personally i think if they can make a Thor movie, they can make a Wonder Woman movie. then a flash and then before you know it..you have a Justice League!

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No one outside of comic book readers gave a rats ass about Iron Man (or even knew who he was) before that movie, and it was a monster hit.  

The point is, a character does not need to be a household name before a movie is made of him/her. The movie will either sell itself or not.

Also, many of the most successful franchises in film history have not been based on material that anyone had heard of (or on anything at all) prior their initial films, like Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc. 
Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

If it doesn't go well..... I'm gonna maybe sick someone on Feige. Someone large and imposing.... like Mark Ruffalo. XD

Posted by weaponmaster

My prediction is yes it will be.
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out of the park!
Posted by ltbrd

they had to do a Thor movie for two reasons:

1. You can't take Thor out of the Avengers and replace him with another character. Like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are the "Big Three" of DC so to are Captain America, Iron Man and Thor the "Big Three" of Marvel.

2. Since you can't take him out of the Avengers you also can't have him only in the Avengers movie....he's too big and powerful a character to suddenly show-up in a collaboration film. They can do that with Hawkeye because he's a good small character that is hinted at in Thor (from what I've heard haven't seen it yet) and can be a good filler in Avengers, especially if he's just an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D like Black Widow.
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The movie is brilliant, second only to DKR in comic book films.
Audiences will relate to Thor because of the lesson he gets taught about arrogance and pride - something most people would have experienced! The humor doesn't seem out of place and Sara was correct in thinking it comes from the clash of cultures rather than making him a buffoonish lout. There's some genuinely funny moments and the levity helps the film where it needs it.

The movie needs to hurry up and come out elsewhere in the world so I can stop being so guarded about discussing it. The film rocks and the only reason the Cap film should have come first as it will have a tough time following Thor's heels.

Posted by SC

lulz what? My country has 3 billion people. No one knows who Captain America is. Thor on the other hand is national hero after Hercules and Storm. ! I mean, which character is having his name changed for overseas audiences? Which character is being retconned into being the "First Avenger" then ouch. People go to movies for realism? To relate to the main character? Little Johnny wants to grow up to be a blue alien on another planet? A Hobbit from Middle Earth? A drunk pirate? (okay well I did but...) Its a big blockbuster movie, pretend its got nothing to do with Marvel or comics just like 99% of all the other movies out there aren't. 

I dunno, the devils advocate arguments... I'll trust the guys who have millions of dollars riding on this... better argument would be financial. 
Posted by growup

sounds like G-man doesn't want to give it a chane
Posted by Bearded Justice

i am gonna have a lot of fun mocking this movie


but yeah its gonna be successful

Posted by ComicCrazy

I have already seen it (I live in Australia) and the Bifrost bridge looks really great in it and it doesn't look cheesey at all.

Posted by PeteyParker

I respectfully disagree G-Man. Thor could have been a stand alone movie just as much as Iron Man.  People didn't seem to out of touch with the Lord of the Ring series, and Thor is just as fantastic as those movies think about it. Captain America (World War 2 meets superheroes), Green Lantern (Sci-Fi meets superheroes), and Thor (fantasy meets superheroes). So with all these weird concepts being thrown around, Thor seems right at home.