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Posted by Daniel_Newton

Why does this video appear to have no comments on it? I think you did a great job walking around the streets like that Babs, can't believe the guy at the end! You guys should do more videos like this, or atleast more office videos :)

Posted by daveydavey

The Batman and Robin part was hilarious !....  :)

Posted by AmazingSpiderMike

Thumbs up to everyone who loves Spider-man and Mary Jane, especially the cute blonde chick. 

Posted by X-23_2513

yeah that batman and robin thing was funny. and screw that ass at the end!!!!!!!!
Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

Youth of today... Stop watching iCarly and read more comics!
I can't believe that guy at the end. Someone should have crash tackled him; what an ignorant imbecile.

Posted by Multiverse

That guy who called Babs fat is crazy.

Posted by guardiandevil801

Lois and Clark(Superman) or Batman and Catwoman