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Posted by GamerGeek360

I saw them at Barnes & Noble. So that's where I would go.

Edited by Daveyo520

I got one this week at B&N. It had Storm in it >< Ugh I wanted Spider-Man you hear!

Posted by kennybaese

G-Man is going to spend the next two years trying to find Mr. Fantastic and all he'll get will be Deadpool or something.

Also, he kind of got three Storms. Kind of.

Posted by thanosrules

You shaved your beard!!! (depending on when you recorded this) ;)

I have always wondered if it would be worth the risk on those type of "What's In The Box" items. Six bucks is a lot for the potential of a duplicate... and I don't like to gamble. BUT, it looked like you had a great time opening the boxes... so I might pick some up the next time I see them on sale... and hey, if I get a Mr. Fantastic, I will send it your way. :)

@walkingcarpet: Nice catch on the Storm thing. :)

Posted by G-Man

@walkingcarpet: haha. I thought it was weird that I automatically called her Sue Storm and not Sue Richards. Sorry Reed.

Posted by djtann3r

captain america is the coolest one. he's on a skateboard holding a burger. he's hanging on my bag.

Posted by Daveyo520

@djtann3r: America!

Posted by ChernobylCow

You see these at the more "hip" toy stores. In Austin try Monkey See Monkey Do, or Toy Joy.

Posted by sora_thekey

That ("awesome") theme song better be your ring tone Tony!

3 out of 4 is cool! :) Have fun w/ them!

Posted by kennybaese
@G-Man That's because everyone.knows Sue was way more fun before she was married.
Posted by Iron Apollo

G-man is such a corn ball, cracks me up. Keep up the good work tony!

Posted by G-Man

@Iron Apollo: Like this?

Posted by Iron Apollo
@G-Man Um. Yes. Thanks for the laughs!
Posted by thatlad

That was pretty cool, get babs off her arse to put some of her favourite comics moments of the week

Posted by kartron

Ha those little thingies