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Posted by nappystr8

That sweet shirt should be in the box.

Posted by cheluprim

It's fun seeing all your stuff :)

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Nice Q&W shirt.

That is a pretty sweet Alfred. Ra's Al Ghul and Commissioner Gordon were pretty good too. Gordon especially looks like Rocksteady took that version of him directly for the Arkham games.

Posted by BigL

Alfred, Ra's, and Commissioner Gordon were great. I didn't like the Scarecrow or Stealth Jumper Batman. $10-$15 back when they were affordable :(

Posted by sagejonathan

Love the Q&W shirt. Too much epic.

Posted by dotwilson

awesome figs, awesome tee, awesome vid.... keep doing these Tony

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@g_man: I guess this is pretty cool to see that someone else has the same collection I have and it comes in the same box, lol. I was pretty lucky to collect all of them except the Jason Todd which is very expensive. But I have manage to get the Joker signed by his creator Jerry Robinson before he passed. So,I'm pretty sure it will be worth a lot. But I'm not planning to sell it at all!! I don't know if you've seen it on my facebook Tony and also I got Batman signed by Scott Synder and Greg Capullo not too long ago.

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Sorry for the curse word in the vid, also cool show