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I have the same problem with Marge from The Simpsons mini- fig blind bags. Four weeks straight and yet they are great and I will keep trying to get them all.

Posted by TobenRacicot

This is fun!! I'd watch this every month! @inferiorego did you feel like you got your 20 bucks out of it?

Posted by G-Man

@colossus11: Pssst, stay tuned later for more LEGO Simpsons video fun.

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seems interesting I had been getting the loot crate which is very similar my have try the nerd block.

Posted by longbowhunter

Cool. I don't think this is really for me, but a subscription would make an awesome gift idea.

Posted by dcfox

Don't want to sound like a jerk but the look of disappointment in @inferiorego's face at the end was the best part of the video.

Posted by ScrappyDont27

I'm feel that I'm going to have the same problem when they have the TMNT version of these mystery figures

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Saw the title, and the inner movie lover inside me screamed...

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this was really cool, hope see more stuff like this.

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Really didn't look like $20 worth of stuff. I like me some Ghostbusters and X-Men but a couple shirts, a sticker, and a little figure feels like $10-15 tops. Add in the random element and I say it just isn't worth it. Unless there is a chance you at least can get like $100 dollar item in there or something.

EDIT: Was wrong I didn't actually realize how over priced this stuff was, for $20 this is actually a steal in comparison.

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@feartheliving: You can rarely find decent t-shirts for less than ten bucks. I'd say the two shirts make up the cost. The Doctor Who figure probably runs around four or five bucks...

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@g_man: True I suppose but at least when you're buying them you can get them in your size and the color of your choosing.

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@inferiorego: Thanks for doing a video of this. I never heard of Nerd Block until now and it looks like a steal for me to get on random nerd stuff for a cheap price. By the way, I'm sorry but it was a pleasure to see you in sadness when you got the 10th doctor for the 4th time! Lol

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I've been getting these for the past few months, and the first two were great but they've been disappointing the last few times, especially the Star Wars one. The only thing doing it any justice is the exclusive t-shirt designs.

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Blind bags always seemed like too much of a gamble to me. Nice shirts though.

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This is fun!! I'd watch this every month! @inferiorego did you feel like you got your 20 bucks out of it?

Yeah but mainly because I got two tshirts.

Here's how I would price out the stuff in the box

2 Shirts = $40 ($20 each)

Luigi Kart = $3-5

Stupid Titan Doctor Who Figure= $8 (I usually see them go for $11 at cons)

Pin Art= $3

Minecraft Sticker= $3

In total=$57

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Oh man, this is a really cool idea. Seems like a great deal, but I doubt I can afford to spend an extra $20 a month right now. Hopefully this company survives a long time and I can get in on this when I'm making bank.

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Interesting. I was looking at Loot Crate, but didn't know there were other options. I wonder if they do a theme like Loot Crate does (the current theme is "Transform") for their shipments.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@inferiorego: When you brought up your Luigi tattoo it made me think of this

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Two t-shirts justifies the price alone.

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These What's in the Box/Bag videos are fun to watch. I love the Iron Sentinel shirt! They probably have a lot of 10th doctors because he's a big favorite.