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That's an awesome Pokeball shirt Screw You Mr. Elfring (I'm just kidding) :)

Speaking of Pokemon and comics, who else loves the comics?

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LOL at Matt's little Mohawk.

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I remember MUSCLE figures and that's exactly what stupid blue Karate Kyle reminded me of when you took him out of the package.

I've watched all these videos and its clear Nerd Block is not for me. For fun I decided to create my perfect Nerd Block filled with my favorite things. The theme being the letter "P".

Plain gray shirt

Pizza flavored Combos

Pills (Ibuprofen)

Pet roller refills

Pete & Pete season 3

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DAT Smooth jazz!!!

Also the Bravest Warriors is a cartoon by the guy who created Adventure Time. It's only available on youtube. The keychain is Catbug!

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"What is this?!"

The Funko Batman is really cool. I haven't seen a Batman one with that costume design, or maybe I just haven't been paying close enough attention. I only have one Funko figure and it's a Judge Dredd one. I hadn't heard of this service until I watched this video as I was only aware of Loot Crate which seems to offer more. I did like the content of this however as I liked the Pokemon shirt, the Funko Batman, and the Doctor Who comics

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I considered getting this a while back when they showed the one with two shirts, though those were the only items in the block that I wanted (and I really didn't care for the shirts a lot). It also feels like the items are all completely random. Main reason I got Loot Crate was the theme idea, at least giving me an idea of what I may get and whether I may want that months crate. In this one, I do like the comics and the Batman figure, but overall it's probably not for me.

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I'd take the Pokeball shirt lol.

Pretty cool stuff from Nerd Block this month.

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I like pokemon but yeah, not feeling the shirt. That Batman pop figure is really cool but I was most excited about CATBUG! That was a pretty good haul for this month

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Was so disappointed with mine, liked my batman pop figure (glad I didn't get the harley quinn one as I already owned one) but the rest felt more at home in the nerd block jr

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I re-subscribed to Nerdblock to get the Funko and Pokemon item, disappointed the t-shirt was the 'exclusive item', those were the two best things in there. Everything else featured in the box felt cheap and it felt pretty empty to the first two boxes I got which were jam packed.

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What a bunch of crap. I would feel really ripped off for $20 a month for that. Really only the two Dr. Who comics were cool, everything else was junk.

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I like the jazzy 90's background music. I wonder if those garbage pail kids are leftovers from the tiny gpk figures they use to give away in warhead candy packages.

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Since I already had the batman figure I was really dissapointed with this kinth

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I guess this month's is more marketing strategy. I saw ads advertising the exclusive Funkos. The everything else is to get you to look them up and maybe become a fan. I haven't bought a Nerd Block yet, but I'm considering next month's.

I think the Catbug keychain is cute especially after seeing @mrnoital's video. Thanks for the share! I'll check out the show (marketing strategy worked).

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I've got two of the Pop vinyl figures, The Dark Knight Batman and Man of Steel Superman. They used to sit on my desk at work, but got replaces with the Surf's Up Batman! figure that a friend bought me for my birthday. Now they sit on my bookshelf at home.

I really like the Pop figures, but I'm with Mat. I miss Mighty Muggs.

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When i saw this month was gonna be a "Batman and Pokemon" month, i was really considering re-subscribing to NerdBlock. I pictured the box just STUFFED with all kinds of pokemon and batman goodies. after seeing this im glad i didnt waste the 20$. This video put my mind at ease and i dont feel like i missed out on anything. also... that Jazz tune!

p.s. Did i hear a Lawn being Mowed in the background ?