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Cool video, probably should be a bit more vague in the video titles though. :P

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great segment

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Never knew Toy Biz did X-Men 2099 figures, I know they did a Spidey 2099 figure, never knew they did any other 2099 figures.

Great little segment, hopefully we will see more and maybe get some of the other staff to join in, make iit like a Comicvine Show and Tell.

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Are you going to donate your Skullfire to Matt Inferior Elfring? Since he is such a fan and it would probably make his... life

Posted by inferiorego

I only have Halloween Jack from that run... I iz sad

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Maybe call these "What's in Storage?" or "What's in the Garage?"

@g_man , can you still see the skeletal hands through the glow in the dark?

Posted by BlazingNova

You know it's an action figure from the 90s when it comes with glow in the dark parts :D. Do more of these segments @g_man I want to see what other collectibles you have.

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What's in the box! Just like everything else 2099 is the ultimate in awesome, these are like the coolest figures ever. Even though I had no idea who the character was; Bloodhawk was always one of my favorite toys growing up.

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HAhaha I liked this, fun way to show off your stuff. I like seeing the more obscure stuff.

Posted by dotwilson

who doesnt love the 90s... awesome video. def keep them going

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Love this segment!!!!

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Nice. ToyBiz did make some pretty good action figures back in the day.

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I only have Halloween Jack from that run... I iz sad

With the lion costume and removable ponytail? That was one of my favorites as a kid.

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I prefer it when the person that opens the box doesn't know what's inside. I enjoy seeing the reaction of what they get.

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I like the idea. However a little more suspense both in title and who big the figures are wouldn't hurt.

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Fun fun :) hope we get to see more of your stuff soon!