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Posted by FoxxFireArt

You are quite welcome. I'm pleased to see it arrived safely. I didn't know what her favorite packaging was until I saw that previous video. I just like using those, because you can't bend them unless you are trying to.
I apologized for the late arrival, because I had promised to send that back in December. It's a courtesy matter.

I actually put a wax seal on all the correspondences I mail out. I really like history, and I always found the wax seal to be sort of classy. I got that seal as a present a few years back. I have wax in several colors. I used my golden-tinted wax for this package.
I also have the habit of drawing on the inside of greeting cards I send to friends. This is one image I drew in a card I mailed to a friend for Easter.

Easter Card

Took a while to find the CD with the colored art inside the package, I take it. Nice to know you got the "Have A Nice Day" joke. Yes, I do listen to the podcasts. He, he.
I did notice something here. Babs' hair style in this video is the same one I drew for that comic.
If I was concerned about a secret identity. I probably wouldn't sign all my art work with my last name. Thank you for being considerate though.
G-Man got some seriously cool art.
Posted by CellphoneGirl

Nice Gorillaz poster XD 

Posted by G-Man
@xxCellPhoneGirlxx: Thanks!  That Gorillaz banner used to be in my classroom when I was teaching high school.
Posted by CellphoneGirl
@G-Man: Dude you were a teacher? what subject did you teach? 
Posted by timrothsays

ok,  now I'm confident. 'll send you something with the national "colorito"

Posted by couzinit99

LMAO Babs u rock! hahahaha, and btw G-Man what subject dd u teach i so want to know since im still in highschool lmao :P
Posted by Agent Buttons
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I'm working on creating a G-Man robot picture. I have a bunch of character I could send you guys, but since they're just characters I made up and you'd have no idea who they were, I thought one modeled after G-Man would be more appreciated. G-Man, don't change your hair style or change your sunglasses, I'll lose all of my progress, LOL. I'm going to name it G-Tron, I thought about combining Man and Tron... but I scrapped that idea for obvious reasons.

Posted by Decept-O

Cool!  Generous of FoxxFireArt to send in his original art.   
G-Man & Red L.A.M.P. got some love!  That also was generous by the artist for Hybrid Bastards (sorry I forgot the name ---).  That was very colorful to say the least.
Posted by Bruce Vain

You've got some serious skills FoxxFire 
Posted by Illyana Rasputin

I love his art. It is so beautiful, and his captions make me laugh so hard. Check out his Emma Frost piece. It's a masterpiece.

Posted by sora_thekey
@FoxxFireArt: Awesome gift... Although I kind of figured you were going to do this after listening to the squadcast... 
Posted by FoxxFireArt
It seemed like the right thing to do. Seeing how this particular 4koma was dedicated toward her birthday. Here, it would of just sat in a pile with other completed images.
@Illyana Rasputin:
Thank you. I always strive toward the best quality that I can.
Yeah, that was pretty much given away on Anime Vice the other day. It's actually probably for the best they didn't try to say my real name in this. I've yet to meet the person who could get that right without me telling them. You would not believe the ways people have tried pronouncing my last name.
Posted by G-Man
@xxCellPhoneGirlxx:@couzinit99: I taught high school Mathematics (Precalculus, AP Statistics, Algebra, etc).  Over half my classroom walls had comic and music related stuff.  I even kept a stack of comics in the back of the room if students finished tests early.
Posted by CellphoneGirl
@G-Man: I wish you were my Geometry teacher, my teacher thinks he's the funniest guy ever, and let me tell you his jokes suck :P
Posted by sora_thekey
@FoxxFireArt: I am from Mexico... where most names have at least an X in the middle.. how hard could your name be....
Posted by FoxxFireArt
That's just the odd thing about it. My last name should be easy to pronounce, but people often say it in the oddest ways possible. Adding vowel sounds that aren't even there. When it comes to my first name. That's a bit more understandable.
It's something I like about Japanese names. If you know the spelling then you know how it's pronounced.
Posted by cascadeking09

i luv that music

Posted by daveydavey

I like G-Mans enthusiasm....lol
Posted by xerox_kitty

Sweet... both Babs & G-Man received some amazing art!  I'm glad that FoxxFireArt finally sent the original drawing :)

Posted by hpwaz

How do these people get your address!?
Posted by FoxxFireArt
Yep, I got my butt in gear and finally sent it out.
It's funny, my mother learned that I drew this picture of muscle men being exploited in the same way women are in comics. She told me she was proud of me. lol
Posted by Media_Master

Its nice to see some original art!