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Posted by pixelized
@zedmanovic said:
" @pixelized said:
" Characterization in this issue was excellent. Loved the Pixie/Illyana moment, Loved the Cyclops/Namor moment, loved the X-23/Nightcrawler moment. My only real complaint is, why does Psylocke have telepathy? That bothers me so much as, originally stated by Matt Frac via Psylocke, she could only alter the way people see things, so why is she probing minds and what not? And why doesn't Emma frost do anything anymore?? Grrr "
if you followed the Psylocke 4-part mini-series, you'd see she still uses her mind-probing skills against opponents (she fought Yukio and Wolverine)... as for Emma Frost -- good question though -_- "
She's not supposed to have those mind probing skills.
Edited by Dane

I liked the issue. It was good to see X-Force's activities might be coming to light and seeing how that might sit with the rest of the team.
I dislike Emma Frost being a glorified moral support for Scott Summers as she has been for some time now. Virtually all of the telepathic feats are being done by the Stepford Cuckoos.

Posted by Kid_Zombie

5 out of 5!!! LOVED this issue!
I'm a huge fan of the Cable hope comics, and I'am very sad that its over ha ha I think your being a bit to nitpicky GMAN ha ha but i guess that's your job ha ha ha

Posted by Nisk5

So, what did Wolverine end up doing to that guy to try to get him to talk?
Posted by doordoor123

Ive been on hiatus from x-men since New X-men so i had no idea what was really going on in Uncanny x-men. THERE ARE SO MANY X-MEN TITLES! but this looks good so far. I like the idea.

Posted by Edamame
@Nisk5: He killed him, I believe. 
Posted by Lord Vashti

Cable's dyin

Posted by TheArmandoShow

Catching up on a lot of reviews I haven't checked out and finally, an Unscripted that was well done, can't believe I am going to say this, by both parties involved.
This was only the 3 issue or so of anything X-Men related I have picked up in years and I loved it. I feel like the X-verse is getting itself in line and coming into a place that I can keep up with and follow.

Posted by courtney12490
@Dane: that pisses me off. that is not the emma frost that i have come to know and love
Posted by Blackestnight

I went to look for that on my marvel digital comics and was overwhelmed by how may xmen titles there are