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Posted by jordama

i loved this issue, so tragic, but done beautifully.
Posted by MisterDK

Cant wait to read this!

Posted by Ryonslaught

1st post?

Posted by No_Name_
@MisterDK said:
" Cant wait to read this! "
Posted by Namor1987

I love working at a mall I get to pick up my comics & get to see the hottest new comic movies ASAP! Win win for me lol

Edited by FoxxFireArt

Babs' hair looks lovely. It has a very Noir elegance to it. G-man is really rocking a suit. It's nice. I do take notice you are both wearing black. In mourning of this loss?
I do like how Psylocke looks there. It's one of the reasons why when I draw her. I make her look more toned then I would Emma.
G-Man doesn't have to let it go when it comes to Kitty. I agree. It was Marvel that made the big deal about her return. They bring her back and it's nothing.

Posted by Jordanstine

Oooh another death, how anti-climactic. 


As long as it's done well (with the character at least staying dead for a few years) then I'm over it.

Posted by Subject 30

I'll have to check it out.

Posted by bingoknows

Great review, I'm getting this one.

Posted by carnivalofsins00

you know what, this issue was so good that i actually forgot all about kitty until you guys mentioned it in this video.

Posted by lostlantern13

I love that Wolverine's costume regenerated too. :P

Good read. It's brought me back into the X-verse.

Way to dress-up, G-Man. Unscripted's gone upscale.    

Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

i liked it alot. real solid issue. the only one minor gripe
was that Bastion was looking a little Bizarro in the face
when he first showed up. otherwise this was a powerful
rock solid issue

Posted by danhimself

I'm so glad that what happened, happened in this book.  It was truly deserving of Mike's art.  It really brought tears to my eyes when it happened.
Also, not only have the Phoenix fragments left the Cuckoos but the fragment that Rachel Grey had left her as well.  Maybe Jean is rebuilding the Phoenix as it's own living being so that she'll finally be done with it.

Posted by jlat89

it really was an incredible issue
and the scene dealing with the death of the character was truly amazing

Posted by Illyana Rasputin

This was a very sad issue. I certainly hope that Hope Summers lives up to all of the hype. Second Coming has been interesting, to say the least. R.I.P. to a very prominent and beloved X-Man. I did not want them to die.

Edited by Comiclove5

I read it, and is it okay if I cry.
Posted by Illyana Rasputin
" i liked it alot. real solid issue. the only one minor gripe
was that Bastion was looking a little Bizarro in the face
when he first showed up. otherwise this was a powerful
rock solid issue

I hate Bastion!
Posted by defaultdefaultdefault
Btw, you dressed a little Bastion there G. very nice duds.
also, the thing with Magik is TBC in the 
X-Men: Second Coming - Revelations: Hellhound miniseries.
last, and dont look at this if you havent read the issue.
Posted by JordyJustice

This was an amazing comic, really really sad. Though. 
I wasn't shocked at who died, I expected it.  

Edited by cmaprice

Layla Miller has resurrection powers. The people come back without souls, but that could prove interesting 
(in X-Factor, it's revealed she makes Trevor Fitzroy what he is).

Posted by JordyJustice
Ohhh, no. You don't want this person to stay dead for too long!
Posted by eldestrisk

Another thing I liked from this issue was how Cypher was drawn. It was really a great issue like i haven't seen in a long time. (like I already said in my review yesterday)

Posted by mightiness

I didn't pick this up yesterday I guess I should go get it. Babs has me convinced it is good. I do know who expires but all the same I will go pick it up.

Posted by kittenpride

When someone asked me what was wrong with me (after reading that page) I had to say
"I have something in my eye." 

Posted by Caligula

the art was amazing.
and nice suit G-Man.

Posted by doordoor123
Posted by sora_thekey

I can't wait to go get this...!
Posted by Jake Fury

:-( Sad day in comics history. I hope the culprit dies....violently.
Posted by rudorudo

Yeah this is such an awesome issue! I love the fact that that this book doesn't have to focus on the "X-Force team" anymore coz technically there isn't one after that whole Selene thing.
so how many more guys are getting killed? was it 7 in total that was planned?

Posted by Gylan Thomas

Date night G-man?
Lookin' good.

Posted by Gylan Thomas

As for the death,
They'll be back.

Posted by pixelized
@doordoor123 said:
" best comic of the week.
This was an amazing issue.
I cant wait for hellbound.
Lol was that really a candidate for a Spoiler? That's been the premise of Hellbound since before Second Coming. Trance and Anole are the New X-ers.
Posted by coolbeans

x-force has to be my favorite Xmen series right now

Posted by spiderguylll

i cried cause this book had some REAL drama

Posted by Theodore

Killer issue, I loved it! Good review.

Posted by Namor1987

Babs, you look freaking gorgeous as hell here lol ;)

Posted by darkstorm1

You guys forgot to mention that around the same time that Hope started to appear, the portion of The Phoenix Force that Rachel held onto left her.
Posted by The Cyan Lantern

Ju... just...  just a tremendous issue. Out of the outrageous checklist for Second Coming this is a must own.

Posted by waruikumo

This was an AMAZING issue. 
Yost/Kyle are sorta big time now?  They kill this character and not they're made, blood in blood out son! 

Posted by jakob187

First off, you guys are looking fancy in this video!  G-Man has that slick suit, and Babs has the curly hair.  Very snazzy, duders! 
Second, It's sad that I'm not following any Marvel books right now, but it's too much backstory for me to catch up on.  That artwork, however, was MAGNIFICENT!  I might pick up the issue JUST for the artwork!!!  I also agree with Babs about Psylocke - that looked like a badass chick rather than some sex-pot like most others draw her.  I also liked the panel with Nightcrawler that you showed.  Given that Nightcrawler and Beast are my two favorite characters, I always appreciate good art of them.

Posted by Xion

this arc made me love the X-men again, i had gotten tired of them for years, but this whole story is just amazing!!! I got really sad at the death of the character, i honestly didn't expect that character to die :( 
cant wait till next month!

Posted by The_Martian

Babs seems antsy lol
Nice jacket, G-Man.

Posted by jordama

Kitty is on utopia, most of the action is off utopia. it mkaes a lot of sense to not have her. If they mentioned or showed her, it would seem force
Posted by LB70145

And here I thought JQ's "dead is dead" may kick in. Considering every writer has ignored that rule I guess here it won't be enforced either. I like how everyone is thinking of ways to bring the character back already.
btw the Phoenix Force has left all those who had a piece of it or some of its power. That means the Cuckoos, Rachel and Korvus's Sword.

Posted by Lustwish


Posted by ArtisticNeedham
Posted by NXH

Welcome back, sara! 
Hope you had a nice break.

Posted by Aspenite

Just beautiful!

Posted by dan1509

I really liked this, great artwork and great pace of the story :) just wondering if hope's guna kick off soon

Posted by mimschkin

This is the one occasion where I really am hoping for a resurrection. That character was so important to me :(

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