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yes! we need more comicvine/giantbomb crossovers!

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Fantastic vid guys.   I may consider picking it up.   I'm normally not a Deadpool fan but I'm digging their interpretation of a golden age Deadpool.    Although DC does not poke fun at itself as much as Marvel does (except recent Booster Gold stories I think), DC does break the 4th wall with Superman Prime.   I loved it when Prime started trolling the DC forums.

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Anything with Forbush Man, I am sooooo there

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When's TANG going to start. Sorry comic vine.

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no james barnes is cap !

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I am so picking up this issue!

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the Forbush parts we're pretty funny. 
the Cap and DP parts we're almost way to out there, even though i understood where they we're coming from.

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I miss Sara.  She makes the vids appealing and shes good with her reviews. 

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You got GiantBomb in my ComicVine! 
Really nice crossover synergy here. I rather enjoyed the review.

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@lostlantern13 said:
"You got GiantBomb in my ComicVine! 
Really nice crossover synergy here. I rather enjoyed the review."

I agree!
These crossovers are awesome (including this weeks podcast!)... 
I am sure I will not pick this issue up, but 5 out of 5 on the video!
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Really enjoyed this review, the vocabulary used was very impressive!!!

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Although Ryan is no Sara I thought he did a good job with the review and was enjoyable to watch.  He did a great job of plugging the ComicVine site too.

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Ryan! Giantbomb and Comic Vine crossovers ftw!

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Golden Age Deadpool gives me a strong Gomer Pyle vibe.
Speaking of the dating reminds me of something I read about J. Scott Campbell's work on Gen 13. He always used to draw the cast with band names on their shirts. Eventually he stopped and someone asked him a question about that in the Q&A segment of the comic. He wrote a response about how he would find that he would write a band name on a shirt that was popular when he was drawing, but often times. When the comic would come out the band wasn't nearly as popular as they once were.
The price does seem to be a tad much for what this is.

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Giantbomb will rule the world!! But seriously, it is nice to have a less informed view on comics that I can relate to. I think this type of crossover could work across all the whiskey media sites.

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i bought it, was reading it and didnt even wanna finish it. i regret buying it. its the first time ive felt that way about a comic ive bought. =/

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I almost got this thinking this was actually about who would be wielding the shield. Im glad i didnt pick this up. I wouldnt have liked it.

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Ryan's pretty cool, you should have him back.

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I want to see the big comic wall... :P 
Great review guys, Ryan's a cool guy too! :D

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I honestly didn't like anything about this book...well...Forbush was kind of funny

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the audio is messing with my head... I feel like a dog after a fake throw.

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you think £3.99 is expensive? Try paying £3.50 a comic. That works out at about $5.40 a book. 
Besides how unfair it is to buy comics in the UK though. Good review. Great job done by Ryan. :)

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Good review, good sit in for Babs.  Every time I can see more of GB I'm happy. 

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Good stuff, Ryan knows his comics and has the chance to use his wide vocabulary to boot. More so than on GB in my opinion. as for the comic itself while it looks like it's done as well as one of those type of comics can be I'm not interested in the concept so I'll have to pass.

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Really liked Ryan in the review. I also liked Golden Age Deadpool, just thought the character is interesting and would like to see him brought back.

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Great review guys, you should have Ryan do some more guest apps.  I will probably pick this up, I'm a Forbush-Man fan from way back.
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Please bring Ryan back. This was one of the best unscripted so far.

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Get Gman or Babs for the next comicbook videogame!

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This looks like a fun read even at the 3.99 (5.00 at my LCS D: ) cover price.  And it not having anything to really do with whats going on in the main line makes it intresting for me, lol. 
cool review gentlemen, with out it I may never even thought to pick this up.
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All I know about Forbush man is the existential terror of FORBUSH VISION!

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I'm impressed how much this bro knows about comics. Props to you! Go giant bomb! (I'm a big halo fan myself, props to the Reach beta!) 
I thought deadpool was supposed to have a prominant role in this story but from this video it seems otherwise. Maybe I should just wait until this gets collected into like a trade or something. What trade would this even get collected in?
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I like Steve Rogers' new costume...

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@Lustwish: I think Ryan did an awesome job. I would look forward to more of these in the future, guy brings up a lot of interesting points.
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Forbush. When you laugh with yourself at least your sure someone is laughing...

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WOOT! It's Ryan :D

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Ryan Davis: World Famous

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@Lustwish:  Where's Sara gone?
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really,I would just buy it for the Deadpool Forbush man cover.lol.

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I haven't seen Forbush Man since Nextwave ended! Glad they brought him back!

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Golden Age Deadpool! woot!