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I loved this issue!

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Notice how in this event whenever Craig Kyle and Chris Yost write a chapter the book gets an automatic 5 rating by everybody.... They wrote chapter 1 and chapter 5... and both of those were awesome...
I think they should have written the whole event!
Although we wouldn't have gotten a chapter per week if it they had....

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@Dek7264 said:
" I loved this issue! "
Agreed! I'm really liking this X-over more than I thought I would.
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I don't like the art for this part of the story.  I completely agree that Choi's art was necessary for this to have a real impact.  Even then, Fraction's writing...man, he tried his best, but he just couldn't shut up with the word bubbles.  It's great to see a memorial, but my God...quit yappin!!! 
I'm surprised that someone actually gave it as high as a 3/5!!!  I just could not enjoy this issue that much, but a lot of that is because Nightcrawler and Beast are two of my favorite X-Men.  It WAS great to see Beast in this one, and especially getting pissed at Scott.  Despite that, the writing and the art just didn't do it any justice for me.

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The art definitely didn't suit the tone of this book. I feel like more appropriate art would've made this issue click a bit more. The stronger pictures would've made it easier (hopefully) for Fraction to hold back on the dialogue. 
At least we won't have to dwell too long on this issue....

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I like your spoiler alerts G-Man....lol

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I can't believe that they killed Nightcrawler....WHHHHHHHY>>>>>???
Damn Right He deserves a service...They should of given him a entire issue just dedicated to him...He's a legend..and he'll be greatly missed...I just don't want them to cheapen his death by bringing him back.. Maybe he had a son??? :p

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This issue was bad, kids.  But hear me out, I have some points. 
First- Horrible characterization of Beast, completely untrue to his character. Beast is among the most rational and eloquent of the X-men and you can't cop this up to a symptom of grief. He has confronted Scott previously when he found him making out with Emma over Jean's gravestone. His objection? Impassioned but reasonable. No matter which side you fall on, Scott's leadership is questionable but since Fraction is so immersed in the world of Scott he has to make any opposition directed at him seem completely ridiculous and inappropriate.  
Second- "I have a friend to bury", "Go after her dummie", "Bring him back!", "You better be worth this, I swear to god!" - Horribly written, inappropriate lines with terrible characterization. Emma calls Scott a dummy over the corpse of his beloved friend? Logan lashes out at a little girl? A large part of his run on any comic usually involves a rapport with a teenage girl and how predictable it is that of course she'll be "worth" it, if Logan were to growl at anyone it should've been Scott, he has no problem sucker-punching him. 
Third- First page? Possibly the worst. What the hell's Colossus doing down there sorting through DVD's? Also, are we forgetting Kitty was quite close to Kurt and not a single thought bubble to show for it? The completely unnecessary and just plain goofy bit with Magneto. And SHAN. My god, her leg being ripped off was horrifying, she should be sedated in bed with her teammates beside her yet Fraction just turns her into a total douchebag. Ox? Who even says that? Certainly not her.  
Fourth- One thing I wanted to touch on, you guys mention it around the 5:50 mark where you are still wondering why Magneto rescued Kitty which is something I noticed in your 522 commentary. It's not random at all, when Magneto almost killed Kitty when she was 13. The two went to a Holocaust exhibit together right before Magneto was apprehended and put on trial. In some ways, Kitty is the face of Magneto's salvation, he's always liked her.... 

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Wolverine was, understandably, a jerk in this issue

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Can you guys please do an unscripted video for spider-girl

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wolverine's last page was the best of the entire book.

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I get this weird feeling seeing everyone gathered around Kurt's dead body. No one thought to call a trauma team to even attempt to resuscitate him? It's as if they are saying. Well, he's dead. Why bother? I know chest trauma like that is very serious. People suffer massive injuries in comics all the time.
It's funny. I like to test my deductive abilities to try and guess the rating before they are given by reading body language and tone. It's far more challenging when you do them early in the videos. At first for Babs I thought she was going to say a 3, but she said 4. Only for her later to revert to a 3. Maybe I should start buying lottery tickets. lol 
Though, I do see a contradiction.  I remember quite well that one of Babs' most frequent criticisms of deaths in comics are that we never see people reacting to them. Here they have a reaction, and she didn't like it. I'm saying this having not read this comic. It could just be not very well written and feels forced, as she says.
Isn't Nightcrawler already a dark character? His father was a demon from another dimension. I believe I remember they tried giving him Angel's blood once. Normally, that's a curative, but he had some kind of adverse reaction.
So, on the New Mutants cover.......everybody is "dust in the wind"?

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I can't believe Kitty wasn't involved with any of nightcrawlers services. They were really close friends, and they just completely threw her thoughts on him away. Kitty and Wolvie were his best friends.  
I love mike's work, the way he expresses emotion through peoples eyes is amazing. And i think that it would have been better if they showed more of his past and have his friend talk about those times. Just a real reminder of his greatness 

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Herc got Fall of an Avenger, Night Crawler had better get a Fall of an X-Man after this.

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@HexThis:  Youre reasons are wrong. Im too lazy to explain right now, but perhaps ill fight with you over this later.
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I agree with what HexThis noted: the dialogue was inappropriate and the overall writing mediocre. The first scene of the med lab in particular was cringe-worthy with Colossus and Kitty out of character -- they should both be moping! 
Also, Kitty should be able to express her feelings because her and Kurt are best buds (outside of her love Colossus, Kurt is as close to her as Storm and Wolverine). 
The same goes for Logan, outside of past loves, Kurt was probably his best pal. 
I do wonder how Mystique will react. Maybe go after those responsible for the Sentinel program? 
I've read that Dracula will be making an appearance sometime soon. It would be exciting to see him make Nightcrawler his undead slave! For over 30 years Kurt has been the epitome of a hero and now Marvel has a chance to turn him into a villian using a viable plot device. Nightcrawler as a vampire would be formidable - a somewhat maniacal foe (the opposite of a cavalier hero) with large dose of despair as to what he once was. Everytime he would pass a cathedral or place of worship, it would serve as a cruel reminder of his former self.  
I'm not sure I've seen a longtime hero become a villain before (and stay villains), but this could be it! It happens to villains when they become popular, turning into heroes to to sell books. Some example of outright baddies turning to the light side: Sabbertooth, Emma Frost, Venom... each of whom were unrepentantly evil during their early villainous years. 
Nightcrawler was my fav hero and rather than have him cheesily come back to life down the line, I would rather him become an undead Marvel bad guy.
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I can't wait them to bring him back so I can forget about this horrible excuse for an issue. I agree with HexThis.  Since when do Beast and Logan act like that?  Ricockulous!

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@FoxxFireArt: The part you mentioned Kurt's father being a demon, I thought that retcon was largely ignored now. I prefer to see him as a mere mutant.
Posted by FoxxFireArt
I don't remember that being removed from his continuity. His mother is still a mutant. So, he still counts as a mutant.
There is some irony of someone born of a demon being a religious man. Sort of along the lines of a vampire that is a vampire hunter.
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(Lol) Yeah, I realize the irony. I heard some of the x-men fans were upset about Nightcrawler being an actual demon and Angel being an actual angel. Personally, I don't like retcons that doesn't flow well with continuities or some different writers adding things to a character that has little to no relevance.
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I really liked Hope finally meeting Cyclops and meeting Magneto. Meeting the people who have been waiting for her all this time.  It was like Obi-Wan meeting Anakin. 

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Finally, I see Kitty again!!!

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didnt watch the review because i didn't want to be spoiled but chapter 6 ? I thought after Bastion said lets try plan B we went to chapter 2.
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@FoxxFireArt said:
" @244:  I don't remember that being removed from his continuity. His mother is still a mutant. So, he still counts as a mutant.  There is some irony of someone born of a demon being a religious man. Sort of along the lines of a vampire that is a vampire hunter. "
like.... Blade!
I like that G-Man laughed at Xi'an terrible characterization, which is what I think we all need to do more. Uncanny is a joke, it's obviously not meant to be taken seriously.
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I dont know why, but I thought Terry Dodson's art was quite good this time.  
Maybe its just me and I am gettin used to it :/

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um, is there still any doubt as to the fact that magneto wanted the giant bullet more than he actually wanted to save kitty???  :/

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@spiderguylll said:
" Wolverine was, understandably, a jerk in this issue "
Yea but he could have been much worst, I like how he bit his tongue until the very end I almost fell out of my chair with amazement when he didn't blame Scott for Nightcrawlers death, that was always their thing. Lmao @Emma "His was the only chapel I ever set foot in." idk why but I found that to be funny, the look on her face was just so sincere. XD
Now with that out of way it time to get back to action, with all the mutants(minus the 2 away teams)and Hope being gathered on utopia now would be a perfect time to blitz them with a legion of these guys :
 Heck I'll say it even tho I know he will somehow lose I'm for team Bastion "Destroy all Mutants"(except X-Factor because they're cool) policy. My reason being that the X-men are at their best when their backs are up against the wall or when an ally dies, and in a way i'm glad the "Fuzzy Dude" died I was beginning to get sick him being shown up by that fairy chick, at least now he my have a chance to come back with more powerful power set that's right, Nightcrawler makeover
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seems like every X-MEN dies at least once. 
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This issue could've been better.  I thought that the funeral would come after this was all said and done.  The fact that is has been done makes me believe that there's a possibility that Nightcrawler isn't all the way dead.  A month or two ago I read an interview with Fraction as he was in the middle of writing this issue.  He said something to the extent of the fact that "this character" will remain dead.  So who knows?  Personally, I think if Nightcrawler returns, he should be a villain at first.  An evil Kurt Wagner would be a scary thing.  I hope they keep him dead, at least for a while.  No X-Man is ever dead-dead. 
As for Wolverine, I have a feeling similar to when I read Wolverine as a kid during some of the big crossovers of the late 80's-early 90's.  Bastion is as good as dead if Logan finally gets him alone.  I will now be a little dissapointed if Wolverine doesn't get the killshot.  That might be a little obvious, but to me Hope is who I think would be the one to finally take bastion down.  The last thing Wolverine said to Scott was what we all were waiting for.  Maybe Wolverine will leave the X-Men as well after all of this.
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How badadss would it be if we got a straight to DVD Second Coming movie? Or even a messiah trilogy straight to DVD?

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Pretty good issue! The art is a huge step down from Choi though.

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I really hated this issue.  I can't stand it when people quote lyrics in their blogs or tweets, but to have a whole comic book page filled with quotes.  It isn't moving.  It's emo.  The comments during the eulogy felt forced, and every character's dialogue read exactly the same.  They all spoke like Cyclops.  There's no distinction in the way one character speaks from another.  Even Bastion (who shouldn't have any emotion) keeps speaking like a cheesy villain from the Adam West Batman series.  He's a fecking robot, he wouldn't waste his time condescending to Pierce. 
And seriously?  Donald Pierce?  He's only a cyborg.  So just how could he confuse Danger.  She's the living embodiment of the Danger Room, and has held him prisoner for a couple of years with plenty of time to understand and counter his feeble physical capabilities.  That was just weak.
And why on Earth has Hope regressed to a brain-dead pre-pubescent self-absorbed brat yet again??  She has a strop & runs away, but minutes later she's impressed that Cyclops is Cable's father?  She's seen friends & family die all of her life, and although I'm sure she'd understand the great importance of Nightcrawler's death, she wouldn't run away like a little brat.  She'd be ready to face Wolverine with Cable's training in the back of her head.  But later on she completely ignored Cable's instructions not to approach Mangeto; instead she introduced herself and entered into a full blown conversation with him!  Why should she follow Cable's instructions for every single issue except for when she appears in Uncanny X-Men??
And not to mention how Colossus had completely forgotten about his sister.  You'd never know that an issue before (X-Force #26) and an issue later (Hellbound #1) Colossus couldn't be strayed from finding his sister to the point that he was ready to turn Cyclops into wallpaper. 
No matter how many times I desperately try to read Uncanny X-Men, it makes me angry at the low quality of story-telling.  It's worsened by the fact that I have to read it because of the cross-over, and because of the higher standard of writing in ALL the other X-Titles.

Posted by 244
@xerox-kitty: Xerox_kitty, I knew you would pop up hear to criticize about Fraction's work of Uncanny and man, do I agree with you. I checked up the preview of Uncanny X-men #524 and what bothered me is how Karma was being portrayed (and I still can't get over how she was being portrayed in Uncanny X-men #503). I read some comments about this issue and it appears Fraction's attempt was heavy-handed. I really wished either New Mutants or X-men Legacy had handled with the mourning of Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler (you will be missed).
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Uncanny X-Men feels like a waste of my money

Posted by Gylan Thomas

Amanda Sefton and Belasco will be involved in Nightcrawlers return some how.
Probably wont be real soon though.
I want Banshee back.
Why is it he non American X-guys are the cannon fodder?
Collosus died to cure the legacy virus.
Sure he's back. 
Had t be the ruskie though huh?

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What makes it worse is that the last chapter (X-Force #26) was practically perfect.

And surely all the writters/artist had meetings to talk about this cross-over to decide who did what... then why is Colossus outside in X-Force #26 complaining about going after his sister and finding out that kurt died, and then at the start of Uncanny #524 inside showing Kitty a DVD?

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 God ...  bad very very bad.

Fraction already started X_X.

The worst number of second coming by now.

 All others were 5 of 5, but this..  is 1 of  5.
 kraption sucks.

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I thought this was a pretty good issue, my main problem with it was the scene on the 2nd page when everyone is standing over Nightcrawlers body just looks bad, Nightcrawler looks way to cartooney and just looked stupid.

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I thought it was pretty good issue, though Beast acted like a jerk. It's not like Cyclops asked for all of that nightmare happen. He just wanted to stop him, and using old Xavier's ways wasn't enough.