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Nerds rule!

Videos currently not working for me now, so I'm not going to pass judgement without watching this.


But after reading Tom's preview a few weeks back... I just hope Geoff John and DC don't turn Barry Allen's origin story into their version of Marvel's bullied Peter Parker growing up.


Oh wait... I may be thinking of another book i.e. Flash Secret Files #1.  Is this a different comic?

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@Jordanstine: different one, this is the first official issue of the new volume
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 @Jordanstine: Is it working for you now?

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@Riezner said:
@Jordanstine: Is it working for you now? "

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Whoa! Two perfect scores? ...I'm getting this!!!  
Behind Batman, Flash is totally my favorite DC hero.

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Well... I always wanted to start reading Flash to go along my DC pile of Superman/Batman and Green Lantern collection... so... good place to start!
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It was probably my favorite comic of the week

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After this good review... I need to get it... will go today... maybe
Posted by Theodore

5/5 for sure. I love this issue. WTF is going on with the Rogues from the 25th century?!

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I really liked how this review was done, keep it up guys! Both of you definitely sold me this issue :)

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this issue was amazing.

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It had hype and an A-list creative team...and the book lived up to all my lofty goals. It was a fantastic read and visually gorgeous. Everyone should check it out.

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@Cassio411 Same. I ALWAYS thought Flash was lame (exception: Kingdom Come Flash) but seeing Babes jumping in her seat and G-Man stoked makes me want to get this.

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Gotta try Mark Waids Flash and Geoff Johns last run.
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Gota agree. 
Not sure how I feel about the origin tweak/ murdered mum stuff yet.
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Bought it but haven't read it yet. I'm still catching up with Blackest Night and even though this probably doesn't have much to do with Brightest Day yet, I told myself I'd keep all the BD titles lined up for after I'm done with BN, so I'm gonna have to wait a couple more days.

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this was my first flash comic and i thought it was ok , a 5 by no means though . I respect the review but i thought the end was sooo cheesy. The whole stopping something before it happens has been so over done in numerous other stories and movies, not sure if im grabbing issue 2 

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wow babs gave a 5! it definitely deserves it.

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Dead body looks like Mirror Master... 
and where is Wally West? I'm glad that Barry is back but it seems like Wally has just been pushed to the side!
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ive also been looking forward to this comic as well but havent finished reading it. love what i have read so far. i was wondering something though, i havent read blackest night and really dont want to and dont know if i should get into brightest day and follow it all and if itll be needed to be able to follow this series.

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@The Sadhu: It sure did look like Mirror Master but....
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It's so amazing that it spews awesomness!!!

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I picked it up but I havent read it  yet  
*runs into room and reads Flash*
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I just read the first issue and I just wanna get this of my chest... I've read the "Terminal Velocity" arc by Mark Waid back in the early 2000, in there Iris looks like a 56 year old woman. In this new series she looks 24. An old woman before and now a young babe, never mind the fact that this two are already grandparents makes me feel a little bit queasy. Maybe its because I grew up a Wally West fan, but as long as Geoff and Francis is in charge I'm keeping my hopes up for this one...

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I have not ever read any Flash outside of JLA is it ok to jump straight in on this one?

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When Babs said she very seldom finds herself happy and smiling, I though she was going to say in general.......not just when reading a comic.

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I'd like to see more solo reviews from Tony G.

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that's a fresh T-shirt G-Man! 

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Babs and Gman... you have a fun job.
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Amazing issue. Been really anticipating this and it surpassed my expectations. Johns and Manapul are an awesome team.
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There is something that bothers me about that cover. Why is he running through a police crime scene line? What is the purpose of that? Being someone who works in forensics as he does.
You always call the band "The Beatles". When have you ever heard them called just "Beatles". Though, when addressing them individually they are called "Beatles".

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sara needs to move her mic, shes drowned out in the background. 

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Yup, totally different comic dude.  I have faith in Johns and he wont disappoint.  He has worked with The Flash for a while, and I'm pretty sure he knows the right path.  Things more or less take over where they left off for Barry, well sorta.  One book that might help you, "The Life story of the Flash" told by Iris Allen. 

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Glad to see that you guys liked this one :D  I love Barry Allen.

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I loved it! the art was beautiful (I think Manapul really upped his game from Adventure comics) All the small details, and people all around in every panel...oh, dude! It's all about the detail and i loved it! 
Johns really did some grade A stuff here too! Introducing Barry's cast, the context in which he'll exist... LOVED IT! It's got drama, comedy, action suspense, and the Renagades!!! Loved 'em too! I cannot wait for Issue 2!!! 5 stars right here!!!

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Loved this one. Colouring style was awesome. Art composition was well constructed. Some of the inking lines were extremely minimal which actually helped the sense of urgency in the story. Very clever. A couple of the pages (just as your review mentioned) would make superb posters. The story was well told. I loved the part where Barry Allen is chasing after the police captain who is too rushed to stop and talk properly as they move through the crowed police station. It's as if he's struggling to keep up with the captain who is in a real flap. So clever having The Flash's alter ego struggling to keep up.
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I just got this comic, and it is so great.  It lived up to your review and more.  The art is great and the accessability it great.  Plus it came with a Flash ring.
I am not sure why, maybe its his wholesomeness, but Barry Allen really makes me like the Flash.

Posted by 00 Raiser

The artwork was great. I loved ever minute of reading it. I wonder where Wally in all of this.

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maybe its because im not a really big barry allen fan, but this is a 4 for me.
yeah it was fun but it also felt cheesy to me.
put a little bread and tomato sauce beneath it and ill like it better.

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Absolutely agree with all the points / opinions brought up. 
I figured I'd give the Flash a try now, and I think I'll probably be reading this title for a good while.

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I finally got around to picking up and reading this, and I must say that Manapul's art is absolutely jaw-dropping.